Short Weeks Get Me Through

I hope you all had a fantastic weekend!  The weather was truly amazing and I am sad to see it leave us with two rainy days in a row.

Actually, I will take that rain so it will wash away all this pollen!  My allergies are killing me slowly.

Today is my Thursday at work and I couldn’t be happier.  I have not really taken a day off from work this year yet and I am going full force Wed-Friday.  The computer will stay off, the phone on silent, no emails, nothing.  I usually work through my vacations, but not this one.  I just can’t.

So that means you are in for a random post this morning.  You love random posts, stop.

First order of business….Matt bought a bike!  Now I have someone to ride with and we can plan actual long rides around town.  Last Thursday was my first day back on the bike to commute to and from work.  At the end of the day, I logged 9 miles with going to/from work and then riding to dinner.  I missed my run from being so exhausted, but to me it is still cardio without the impact.  I just cannot make a it habit of missing runs.

Speaking of running…..I had two AMAZING runs last week.  I have been good about rolling out my legs the night before and just before my runs and it has helped significantly with the calf tightness.  I can tell my body is trying to get into the swing of running and now I just have to fight all this lactic acid in my body.  A good soaking is in order!  The feet are also doing much better than I expected.  My longest run to date is 4 miles (not the best four) and my feet have slight soreness a few hours after the run.

This week…..With my three (really five) days off, I have a ton to accomplish around the house/running.  This weekend is my first 5k since coming off the disabled list, so I want to be ready.  I want to run half without stopping.  Did you hear that calves?

Painting…..I bought a wall stencil.  I also bought dark paint for said stencil.  Im nervous!  Stay tuned

Not quite this dark of a blue, but very deep

Not quite this dark of a blue, but very deep

Our garden….it is all planted and now we wait.  I have a feeling I planted a few of our veggies incorrectly, but this year we are looking at it as a “what did we do right/wrong?” year.


This past weekend…..I spent way too much money.  I was in desperate need of clothes, so I threw some money aside to buy a semi new wardrobe.  Of course, I went over.  I also took the pup over to my parents house so he could play with their dogs.  I felt bad because this past week I did not have time to take him on a dedicated walk and he is no longer running with me.  Rigsby had so much fun with the other dogs that he fell asleep sitting up on the car ride home.


20140413_152926Eating out….we also ate out too much this weekend.  My goal is to cut back on doing that, but right now we are in need of groceries and friends were here yesterday.  After dinner we decided to get a walk in across the street from the restaurant at the cemetery across the street.  Don’t worry, it is actually a historic site and they welcome people to come in and take a tour.  (Not that I would care, I love a good ghost hunt!)

20140413_20125320140413_201341How is that for random?!  How was your weekend?

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Setting the Mood

Yes, ANOTHER house project post.  We have been super busy with getting things looking nice around these parts.  We are far from being close to being anything, but we are making progress.

One of the items on my list of things I want in my dream home is tons of natural lighting.  Our house doesn’t have tons, but it has windows on each side which helps a lot.  I wish our little kitchen had more lighting, but my favorite part is the french doors that lead to the back.

Sorry for the crummy pictures I am about to show you, the lighting was pulling in all the wrong directions.  UPDATE:  I PROMISE TO HAVE A FEW BETTER PICTURES TOMORROW.  I HAVEN’T HAD LUCK WITH THE LIGHTING THIS WEEK.  Sorry for the shouty text!

IMG_7417There was nothing wrong with the doors, but I will be honest……white does NOT go with Georgia clay.  This door would get so dirty for whatever reason and I just couldn’t take it.  Plus I wanted some pop for the kitchen.

And let’s not forget how I want to be part of the “paint your doors” trend.  Im hip, Im cool!

Prime example of nasty:


So I set off to the store and got me some paint.  I kept it in the same family as the walls so it wasnt so shocking, but three shades darker.  All that was needed was a sample size and I was able to get 3 coats on each door from that.

 20140312_071724This project was much easier than I expected, but took longer than I thought.  My biggest worry was (and still is) the paint will peel easily since this isn’t wood.  I kept on though

IMG_7428I am not one to use a dark color, so this is huge for me.  I really worried the whole time this was going to be an epic fail.  Even while the paint was drying and I could envision the end product, I still thought I may have made a mistake.

IT’S JUST PAINT PEOPLE!  If it was a mistake, I could paint over it (or peel off in this case).

I kept on.

IMG_7436Too bad what is on the other side of the doors isnt pretty yet.  We are having issues with the backyard.

Personally…..I am super pleased with the turn out.  It adds a little mood to the room that wasn’t there (and I am totally making these terms up).  It gives the kitchen a more modern pop and secretly I like the doors without the blinds, but we have neighbors behind us that could see in if they wanted.


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What a Treasure (Chest)

I told you all a few weeks ago we bought brand new furniture for the bedroom and the living room.  New house, new furniture.  The first year of living in a home will seriously make you so poor.

Maybe you remember our old setup:


IMG_7215This was just after I painted the living room from the bright yellow to the softer, yummier gray.  Looking at the room, nothing was really wrong with it, but the furniture was more worn down that you can see and the couch did not fit properly.  In the bottom picture I am standing in the dining room, the tv is on the right side of the room (not shown) and there is only one comfortable place to sit on the couch to watch.  Sitting under the window, you would have to turn your head to look.  I know that sounds totally crazy, but after a year of Matt having to sit sideways, we had had enough.  Please don’t think I was going to give up my side of the couch for his comfort..pfft!

We went out and bought new couches.  Because we have all the money in the world! ha

Fast forward a bit and we end up selling the couch the same day our new stuff was to arrive.  We passed on buying tables from the furniture store because they wanted $400 for a cheap coffee table, so we decided to take the money we got from the couch to buy two end tables, a coffee table, and lamps.  Our budget was $250.

One lovely weekend day after I got of work, we decided to hit up a cool consignment shop by my house.  There was also an antique shop on the way I wanted to check out if the first place was a bust.  We had not been to this location yet (they have a second location, but the items were very pricey), so this store needed a chance to shine.

The consignment shop had nothing, so we swung by the antique shop.  (The store was Kudzu for all of my Atlanta friends.  We went to Decatur this time, but they have a shop in Sandy Springs too)

We walked around and Matt found something super cool out of the corner of his eye.  It was such a cool piece that we could use for our coffee table, but would definitely eat up our whole living room budget.  We thought about it for a few minutes and decided this was the coolest conversation piece and our house would probably have kicked us out if we didn’t buy our find.

I was totally giddy when I got it in the door.

IMG_7386We brought home this super awesome old shipping trunk with the original lock!  The lock alone has to be worth some money.  This is such a cool piece and looks so great in our living room.  The top does open up so we can use it for added storage if we need to.


IMG_7388It fit just perfectly with our new furniture and the size it big enough to use, but avoids the clutter.  Don’t you just love it?  What an awesome find!!  And we have since put our rug back, so it looks 29374 times better.

So now I am back to square one in finding an end table (or two) and two lamps.  I just sold a few things on Craigslist, so I am back up to $50 to spend in the room.  Hoping to find something else to sell so I am not having to save up to buy all the things.

Total side step here.  The small toolbox on my awesome table was something I found at Goodwill a few years ago for $3, painted it for the bathroom, tossed in the furniture graveyard that is my office, and pulled it back to life by stripping the paint off and throwing a little stain on top.  The bottles are either from my wedding or what I unearthed from the backyard.



20140314_144523I left some of the paint behind because it was not coming off and I thought it added the weathered look I love so much to it.  Now for the glamor shots:



IMG_7384I am so in love with our living room right now!

So what is left for this lovely little room:

  • Find end tables
  • Buy two lamps (can totally be a project)
  • Build a coat hanger/entrance unit behind the front door
  • Accessorize
  • Add better/sturdier shelves to the tv wall

Hey, so close to being “done.”

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Queen Anne Gets a Facelift

A furniture flip for your fine Saturday afternoon.

Right now, we have a hodge podge of chairs in our dining room.  Two I picked from the trash, two I bought from IKEA (one has since sold), and two are from my parents basement.  All are black and all are hideous.

Way back in January, my mom and I were checking out a new consignment shop near her house to see if we would have any good luck finding something for my house.  We circled around the store a bit and ran into two dining room chairs.  One was the Queen Anne style, cherry wood, a plain cushion, and the other was veerryyy retro.  A little too retro for my taste.

For a cool $20, I took the QA chair home.  I was worried about the style being a little too formal for my house/dining room table, but my mom told me with a little paint and a new cushion, it would take on a different look.  Moms know everything, so I believed it.

IMG_7323You all know how I feel about cherry stained wood.  There is TOO MUCH of it in my house.  The kitchen cabinets are all cherry and open to the dining room.  I wanted this project to be quick and painless.  I didn’t have too much time to work on it, but it had to be changed and it had to be now.

THANKFULLY it was super easy to take the cushion off the chair.  I have had a few chairs in my day that have fought me (ahem it is sitting in my parents basement waiting for a second chance).  I popped the cushion off, took the chair outside, and ripped the top layer of fabric off.  The fabric I planned to use would have shown the green through the white parts.  Plus I have a feeling someone once farted on the fabric, so it had to go.

If you ever wonder how my mind worked…..


IMG_7327I love this fabric so much.  This is actually used it on the mentioned chair above, but since I have yet to finish that chair and show you, I will keep going.  All the fabric was tucked and stapled to the cushion and moved to the side.

I was in no mood to strip, scrap, and sand this chair, so I did what any rational person would do.  I just deglossed it and painted over the existing color.  BEST DECISION EVER!  Deglosser is sooo easy to use!

I used some sample paint I had sitting around and ended up having just enough to get the whole chair covered.  I cannot remember the color because it was an OOPS color I found for 50 cents.


IMG_7330The color is white with a hint of gray in the mix.  I think now it has a more laid back look than it did before.  It isn’t exactly rustic but I think it has more personality than it did.


IMG_7333Take your eyes away from the black chairs.  Those all have facelifts of their own coming up.  It adds the yellow I have left completely out of my house and to me lightens up the space a bit.

I am not really gung ho focused on getting the dining room completed right now, but here is what I am thinking about doing now that I have had time to really plan:

  • Find a rug
  • Chair covers for the Parson Chairs
  • Refinish the Parson Chair legs
  • Sell or donate the remaining chairs
  • Install a new light over the table
  • Build bench seating along the window wall
  • Make pillows for said seating
  • Find something for the walls

Just a Girl and Her BlogThat DIY Party

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A slow transition

Yet another busy busy week at work.  I am starting to wonder if I will ever be home on the weekends again.  I will, I will just have to wait until May.

This week marks my 6 week transition back into running.  If you were to ask me how I felt how my progress was going (because you were about to ask me that), I would say it is going really slow, a little too slow for my taste.

Week 1: I hit all of my runs and walks like I was supposed to.  Weekly miles budgeted: 3  Completed: 3

Week 2: I was able to get all of my runs in, but I missed a walk because I was sick.  Weekly miles budgeted: 3.5  Completed: 3.68

Week 3: Not at all where I want to be.  This was a busy work week for sure.  Weekly miles budgeted: 2  Completed: 2.3

Week 4: This week was a great running week.  The weather was getting better and I had my first meeting with the running group I joined (which I havent made up my mind on yet if I like it or not) Weekly miles budgeted: 3.5  Completed: 9

Week 5: Tough week.  I was so run down from work that I made one run during the week and really sucked on my weekend run.  I did not keep up with hydration and it bit me in the butt. Weekly miles budgeted: 3  Completed: 5.5

This week I have already gotten a run in, worked really late last night/early this morning, and I am planning on meeting my running group tonight for a run.  I just dont feel like I am transitioning the way I should be.  I feel like I am still struggling with my breathing and my endurance.  My feet have been fine through the run, only sore after and nothing a little rolling on a golf ball can’t fix.

I almost feel like I have made zero progress since I started.  I know it is best for you to train alone, but I think I need a dedicated running partner again.  It was so easy to get out there and get the run in, crappy or not.  Problem is I do not really know anyone wanting to run.  I know one person, but their schedule does not allow for many runs during the week.

For other motivation (I thought would help), I signed up for a few races.  I have one in two weeks (5k) and was accepted to Peachtree Road Race on July 4th (10k).  I plan to sign up for a few more in between, but they arent giving me that push I am looking for.

Tell me I am totally not alone in feeling this way.


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A Bedroom Update

I am bursting at the seams with excitement with all the house updates we have going on.  If I could, I would show you ALLTHETHINGS in one post, but that is just too much.

Since we have been so focused on our bedroom, I will show you where we are and what we have left (hint: not much)!

There really isn’t TOO much from the last bedroom post, but a pretty expensive one.



IMG_7394We finished our bedroom furniture set.  Yipee!  I know this is not the usual budget blogger behavior (say that five times fast), but we wanted a complete set in here and in the living room.  Something that will last us a long time and we won’t have to worry about replacing anything.

I am so not super thrilled about the quality of those pictures.  It didn’t help I had to wait until 5pm to take them.

Now that we have the bulk of our room complete, there really isn’t much left to complete (or much of a budget)

IMG_7395We have this space above our bed that needs to be filled.  I wanted to make another Sunburst mirror, but I already have a mirror in the room, so I am reconsidering what to place up there.  If it is not some sort of art, it will be something I will DIY for sure.  I am obsessing over watercolors at the moment and I am considering painting one myself.  I haven’t really worked with watercolor, so I am a little nervous to throw something on a canvas.

Curtains.  Oh, I am stumped on the curtains.  Do I want them or not?  Matt isn’t fond of them, but I think they add a softness to the room.  I could play the safe route and go with a white curtain or something a little bolder:

I thought about doing a roman shade, but we have really nice blinds in our room and I haven’t seen roman shades done on a window with blinds.

Accessories.  I have a very small budget for the rest of this room so I have to be smart about what I fill the spaces with.  I need to get into my garage sale/thrifting/consignment shopping pants.  Who’s with me?!

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We have a Winner!!!

The giveaway for a Mohawk Area rug has ended and a winner has been chosen.  I am pretty excited because I think this was a pretty awesome giveaway.

Are you ready to see if you won??

IMG_73722This giveaway had over 602 entries (pretty good for my first major giveaway) and the winner, according to Rafflecopter, is…..

Entry #382: Mariaelena D!

Congrats on your win!!  I will shoot over an email with the next steps to obtain your rug!  So excited for you!

Thank you everyone for entering the giveaway.  Hopefully I will get the opportunity to host another awesome giveaway!

Happy weekend friends!!

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Spring on the Mind

Hi everyone!  I am currently on week 2 of 2 for working in a row.  I will have this coming weekend off and another three weeks in a row of working without a day off.  It is getting harder and harder to keep taking on more like this.

But anyways….

Now that we have jumped back into normal time (longer daylight hours, YES!) and the weather is turning into something amazing, I have spring fever!  Projects are in full bloom and rooms inside are coming together.  If only our grass would cooperate no nicely.

Ill have more in-depth posts later this week (just coming off a trade show from the weekend and Im beat), but wanted to share what has been going on here:

  • This week is the last week to enter to win a Mohawk Area Rug of your choice.  I will choose a winner Friday, so hurry and get your entries in!!  You can enter once a day by leaving a comment on this post and clicking you did so on the Rafflecopter.  Hurry!!!
  • If you don’t think you need an area rug inside your house, they have rugs for outdoors.  But I am betting you there is a space that needs a new rug.
  • Last weekend was the first nice weekend I was home/not working, so I got my butt outside to do some projects.  One included a trash to treasure story.  I know this is a total spoiler to the post, but I may not have a whole post to cover whats up.  My sister and I found some chairs laying behind her apartment in the woods a few years back and when she was done using them, I took them over.  Before and After:

  • We bought the rest of our bedroom set and went ahead and bought the living room furniture last weekend.  It is all here and I love it.  We were also able to sell our old couch and took that money to buy a really cool coffee table.  I wanted to use the money for a coffee table, end table, and two lamps, but when you see what we got you won’t balk at the fact we spent our whole budget on it.  Just a tease
  • IMG_20140308_193647This week we are supposed to have one day below 30 (seriously?!?), so planting the garden will have to wait another few weeks.  I will however be adding some really cool creepers to the back.  Pictures soon

I’ll have more this week I’m sure.  In the meantime, how was your weekend?

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My First Week Back

I would be excited today marks halfway through the week, but I have to work two weeks straight, so my enthusiasm is minimal.

On paper I was supposed to restart my running back in early February, but with a lot of bad timing and being out of town, I pushed restarting back to the last week of the month.  My first week planned looked something like this:

Monday: 1 Mile run
Tuesday: 1 Mile run
Wednesday: Rest
Thursday: 30 minute walk
Friday: Rest
Saturday: 1 mile run/30 min walk
Sunday: 45 min walk

What really happened:

Monday: 1 mile run.  This was the third time I took the dog out on a run with me and it was somewhat more frustrating that other days.  It was nicer out so there were quite a few people out with their dogs and mine would easily distract.  I wasn’t as motivated for this run as I wanted to be and knew the dog would slow me down.  After I was done with my whopping mile, I was glad I did it.  Totally out of shape though

Tuesday: 1 mile run.  I did not bring the dog with me this time.  Im trying to keep his runs to 2-3 times a week max.  I did use this run as a hill/cadence run.  My neighborhood has very unassuming hills until you start running them.  They will quickly tell you how slow and out of shape you are.  I am pretty happy at a 150 cadence right now, but as I get better at the running, I will increase it bit by bit.

Wednesday: Rest

Thursday: Rest.  I had to leave work a bit early to run to my mom’s (40 minutes north of work) to pick up her friend and drive her to the airport.  By the time I got home I was tired and starved.  Rest day for me

Friday: Rest.  We had furniture to buy after work.

Saturday: 1 mile run.  I was really excited for this run.  I hit the beltline (read: flat) with my cadence going and felt good throughout.  I could feel myself pushing a little harder for the first half, but my legs couldn’t keep up and sadly I had to stretch/walk out the tightness around .75.  I did not do the 30 minute walk, but I think the amount of yard work I did for the rest of the day counts as a good replacement.

Sunday: TONS OF YARD WORK.  Supposed to walk for 45 minutes here, but I had raking to do, cleaning out the shed, cleaning the inside of the house, and seeding the yard.  I was on my feet ALL DAY.

Looking at the first week, I try not to compare it to other first weeks back.  Actually, I am trying not to compare anything to my previous running life.  It is going to be a slow and steady build so I do not hurt myself again. My feet at the moment still ache at times (after doing yardwork), so I may or may not get a second opinion on how to permanently solve this issue.  I also know at some point during this training, I will have a breakthrough and going out for a run won’t be as much of a struggle as before.  Plus the weather change will help so much.

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Don’t Forget to Enter!

Just a friendly reminder the giveaway ends next Friday, so click on the link below to enter.  You can enter each day by leaving a comment on that post.  I mean, a free rug for your lovely little abode….I wouldn’t miss out if I were you.

Mohawk Rug Giveaway

In other fun news, we have some changes going on at home that I am excited to share with you.

I still want to recap my first week back to running.  Maybe later this week/next week.

Sort of the like the weather tease we had this weekend (now it is cold and blah), this is all I really have time to post about.  So go enter to win a rug already!!!!

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