The Bookcase That Almost Ended Me

Two posts this week!  Record breaking! Yesterday I told you about my updated saga with the bookcase we bought recently and how we had to bring it through the window to get it into the room it was meant to be in. Today, let me show you how it all turned out. Before: After: I have some accessorizing to do… Read more →

Setting Up Shop – part 1

Breaking news over here at the homestead.  We FINALLY made huge progress in our office.  I mean, epic progress. Just to show you what our thought process was over the last two years, here was a smallish to do list: We wanted the office green.  No, blue/gray.  No, blue/gray/green.  The color we decided on is far from those Built in… Read more →

Two Chairs Sitting Pretty

Happiest Monday to ya!  Another busy weekend (sort of) in the books.  I am taking this week to really focus on getting a routine situated at home now that I will be working here full time.  The last two weeks was adjusting to not being stuck in an office without AC (true story). First I want to make an announcement.… Read more →

The Office Saga

Happy July!!  It’s July 1st and you know what that means……BIRTHDAY MONTH!!!  Yes, I am fully aware that I am too old to love birthdays this much, but I do. This week I started my new job and while it has been slow, I can tell I am going to like it (when I get into a groove).  The best… Read more →

Our Oasis

Hey friends!  It has been a minute, but for good reason.  Life has been CRAZY around here. Two weekends ago, we headed to New Orleans for a friends wedding.  Pretty much had a great time.  While we were there, my dad came into town for the next week.  He did so much amazing work in our backyard.  I had a… Read more →

Our 2nd Housiversary

Can you believe we are quickly approaching our second house and wedding anniversary (THIS WEEK!)?  I cant believe how quickly it has gone and how far the house has come.  Not only has our house come a long way, but so has our neighborhood.  10 years ago I wouldn’t have stepped foot in this area with all the crime, but… Read more →


Hey friends!  Hope you had a super weekend.  We actually spent the weekend traveling to Denver.  My uncle is out there temporarily for work, so he sent an email inviting anyone that wanted to come out was welcome to.  Matt and I wanted a fun adventure so we took him up on his offer. Going into the week of the… Read more →


Hi friends!  Today is my last day of vacation and my goodness it was glorious.  So I am pretty glum that it is over.  It was the first time I have really taken any time off this year, so it was more than well deserved. Since I have been able to clear my head a little bit of all the… Read more →

It’s Time to Board and Batten!

I hope you read that in your cheesiest game show host voice!  If you didn’t, try that again. Of the million projects I am putting this house (and our bank account through), board and batten was one I have been eyeing but never really had the guts to do.  Looking back I have no idea why I felt that way.… Read more →

Under Pressure

Who is ready for a bullet style post?  It’s all I got right now.  Actually, I have a lot of say right now, but my thoughts a scattered. HOME: The house work/projects are starting overwhelm me.  From all the yard work we are trying to tackle to keeping the house actually clean, I am epically failing.  If you came over… Read more →