Under Pressure

Who is ready for a bullet style post?  It’s all I got right now.  Actually, I have a lot of say right now, but my thoughts a scattered.


  • The house work/projects are starting overwhelm me.  From all the yard work we are trying to tackle to keeping the house actually clean, I am epically failing.  If you came over to my house right now, you would shake your head pretty hard….probably to shake the ants off your head.
  • Yep, we have ants.  I was supposed to spray the house this weekend, but we have to get grass seeds that wont grow planted right now or we miss out.
  • Dont worry, the ants are not from being slobs. That smell coming from the sink?  That is from us being slobs lately.
  • I have my board and batten project to share with you one day soon.  I actually want to tackle one more hallway before I show you
  • The hill.  We are trying to take care of the hill as much as we can and it has been back breaking.  I may have also fell off the hill at some point.
  • Our front and back porches.  So many ideas for projects, so little money.  I have one, MAYBE two more projects I want to tackle for the front porch in this phase of owning our home, so I call that an almost win!
  • I need to actually clean my house – harder than it sounds because Atlanta has had a lot of April showers and with the minimal grass we have out back, my pup brings in A LOT of Georgia clay.  Basically, our sheets are completely ruined from his paw prints.
  • Our office is STILL waiting to be organized.  Poor guy.
  • You guys, yesterday I decided I was going to clean out our closet and start a pile for donation of clothes that do not fit anymore.  My pile was HUGE.  It was super depressing.  I do this twice a year and it kills me that even after my big cleaning in the fall, I still had this many pieces that do not fit.  Sigh.  #fattyfatfat


  • I am back and running and pretty happy about it.  My friend and I are determined to run the Kiawah Island Half Marathon in December and maybe this amazing looking half in the fall, but to get there, we are taking the slow and steady route.
  • I was selected in the lottery to run Peachtree Road race on July 4th.  I love that race and I am excited to run it again this year!
  • My friend is working to become a chiropractor and has been helping me by adjusting my feet and knees.  I have noticed a total difference in my feet.  I used to run with my toes splinted, but not so much now.  Im not sure what he is doing, but it is working!
  • I have yoga on Mondays and last Monday it was amazing.  I worked on a program that was for your back and it was bliss.  I do it right before bed and no technology after.  zzzzzzzz
  • Do you recommend any yoga programs online?  Comcast only has so many.


  • Remember how someone stole my front bike tire off my bike sitting on my front porch?  I replaced it, but I havent had time to ride it once.  I am so annoyed because I love riding.  The days that I know I wont be working super late, I wake up excited to ride in.  Then April showers take over.  I dont like riding in the rain.
  • I have taken on event planning in my neighborhood and we have two events coming up back to back.  Yikes!  We have an Earth Day clean up and tire round up this month and our spring festival in May.
  • I also have to plan a party for my little sister who is graduating 8th in June.  She is coming down here for a week after the graduation and my dad wants a huge party for her.  It will be all friends of mine and our other sister, but that is what he wants to do.  We are torn between a theme: Luau and Kentucky Derby Style.  She rides horses after school and love them, which made me think Derby.  Plus who doesnt want to wear a big hat?
  • We are going to Denver next month.  We have ideas, but if you have suggestions, tell me!

Ok I could go on, but let’s end this pictureless novel.

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Charleston and the Race

Weekends will never be long enough.  Mondays will always stink.  Let’s extend weekends to three days and include Monday into that.  Then maybe we would all love Monday again.

Friday we headed out to one of my very favorite places in the country, Charleston, SC.  It is rich with history, color, and just feels all around good.  We left the house at around 5:30 AM so we could get to our friend’s house by 11 and hit the race expo.  It rained the entire drive there (5 hours).  The drive was more annoying around Columbia, SC with all the trucks, construction, and slick roads.  I white knuckled it around there.

When we pulled into Charleston, the rain stopped, but the temps were frigid!  We hung out at our friends house and then around 1, left for the expo.  When I ran the race a few years ago, they had the expo in a different location and it was super cramped.  This year it was at the convention center and MUCH easier to walk around.  We spent some time walking around and took advantage of our free drink tickets and then decided we wanted to explore Sullivan’s Island.

Traffic was a nightmare getting there, but we stuck to it.  When we arrived, we grabbed some lunch and decided it was way too cold to walk along the beach.  Plus it rained like crazy while we were there.  Poo.

Instead we headed back to the house and caught up with our friends.  While I wanted to take advantage of what we could do in Charleston, I did drive the whole way and with that and the cold, I was just worn out.

Saturday (RACE DAY).  I shared my plans with you on how I was going to tackle this race.  I would run the two miles to the bridge and let my body tell me what it wanted to do (sleep).  We left the house at 6:45 AM and it was FREEZING!!  We were due for a very sunny day, so I tried to over look the fact that my nose was going to run like a faucet through this race and focus on the great weather.

Of course we got into our corral early and had to pee.  The lines were forever long and my friend and I knew it was just a nervous bladder, so decided to just ignore it.

We started moving and our urge to pee was pretty bad.  In the very last second, we both took off for the porta potties and took care of business.  I never peed to fast in my life!  hahahah TMI



My friend wanted to run WITH me (Im always torn about that) and wanted me to run the WHOLE thing.  He didnt train like me, but he is in much better shape than I am so I was super hesitant.  I told him to stick with me my first two miles and I would probably push him away.

We started 42 minutes after the race started and I threw my music in and held my friend behind for the first two miles.  We started chatting a little bit and tried to pump each other up about the bridge that was coming.

We hit mile 2 just as we got on the bridge and I told him to leave me.  He wanted to beat his wife’s time from last year and being with me would not let that happen. Now that I got rid of him, I could walk.  Ahhh yes walking.  Sweet glorious walking.




20150328_091747This was taken at the top and around the time I decided I hated running.  I did running intervals up the bridge and found myself running a little more up than I expected.  Once I got to the top, I had to readjust my clothing (take the jacket off) and plan to take advantage of the down hill.

I fell into a great rhythm from the top to mile 4, but once back on flat ground, my legs were toast.  I walked more than I wanted to at this point.  I’d get started and my legs were just goo and wouldnt carry me far.  It didnt help that with you hit mile 6 it feels like FOREVER to find the finish line.


20150328_100712 I finished and pretty much wanted to cry.  Not really sure why.  It wasnt out of pain, more relief I was done?  You would have thought I ran 26.2 miles.

I finished at 1:27:36 and while that is pretty damn slow, for not training and dealing with the bridge, I will take it.  Plus, I am going to use it as my time to beat when I run Peachtree this summer.

20150328_103422We hooked back up at the finish line and we were both so sore already.  I tried so hard to stretch, but it did nothing for me.  Im still walking like an old lady because my quads are dead.

We grabbed some lunch while there and we were planning on staying downtown to ride bikes, but I felt so gross being in my running clothes and it was so cold, we went back home and showered/napped. BEST.DECISION.EVER!

After we rested, we headed back downtown to hang out the rest of the night.  We shopped, walked around, and grabbed dinner.



20150328_193624After dinner, we stopped by a cigar bar to relax before we headed on our “Dark Side of Charleston” Tour.  It was all about the crimes, mob dealings, and prostitution that occurred there.  Haha I promise we are not weird people!  It was an ok tour.  We had annoying people that talked to each other the whole time and it sort of ruined things for people.  Our guide was really nice and she taught us about how some of the cuss words we use came into existence.

We headed back home yesterday and I was pretty much a useless blob for the rest of the day.

My thoughts on the race?  MUCH better with the organization.  We started on time, there was food and water at the end, and we had fun.  Would I do it again?  hmmmm probably not.  I DID say that before though…….

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Not ready

Hi All.  I feel like other than my addiction to Facebook and Instagram, social media has been quiet for me.  I guess I dont have much to say, or I am too tired to say it.

This weekend we are traveling down to Charleston for the Cooper River Bridge Run 10k.  I know exactly what to expect which is nice, but have I trained?  Nope.  Have I tried to care? yep.  Have I REALLY cared?  Nope.

Im effed.

Like I said before, my plan is to run the first two miles (if I can even do that right now), walk the next two, run the 1.5, and whatever happens at the end happens.  I have no goal times, I just want it to be over.

I hate going into a race with this attitude, but it is where I am at.  It doesn’t help that the weather isn’t supposed to be Charleston-esque either (cold and rainy).


I still plan for it to be a fun trip.  Lots of bike riding and maybe some moped going involved.

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Simple Sidelight Update

I have the winter blues.  I did see a few signs of spring, though.  My hostas and my lilies have not gotten the memo that it is still chilly outside and started sprouting through the mulch.  My neighbor’s marigolds have made a full appearance already.  I would take a picture of them, but she is very odd and likes to stare at us out the window when we are working in the yard or playing with the dog outside, so taking a picture might set her off?

With being stuck inside because I am a big baby when it comes to being cold (yes, I DID grow up in Chicago, but I have acclimated), I have been doing a lot of little inside projects.  One I was a little desperate to do, I just couldn’t find the solution.


Our front door sidelight issue.  It was a solved issue months ago, but I have this furry creature that lives in my house that really enjoys looking out every window he can.  This is how he guards the house.  He thinks if he is giving you the stink eye, you won’t come by.

In doing that, he broke our blinds knocking them into the wall.

Let me tell you about how I feel about broken blinds.  I think it can totally make a house or apartment.  Every time I drive by a place and the blinds are broken I think it either smells in that house or no one is taking care of the insides.  Maybe I shouldn’t be so judgmental!!

Anywho, here we are with our broken blinds looking totally dinky and I needed a solution quick.  Of course, there was nothing I could find online.  I considered for a hot second to sew my own roman shades, but my sewing machine and I are in a nasty fight right now.  Being so emotionally fragile as I am these days, I decided it was wise to NOT start that project.

What I ended up doing was so simple and cheap.  I think the grand total of this project was $30 (a little more if you do not have spray paint).

20150221_1015332Here is what I used:

One dowel rod
Four tea cup hooks
Four cabinet pulls
One Curtain panel
Hem tape
Hot Glue

I cut my dowel rod to just larger than my windows (12-15″) and spray painted them to match the curtain rods already in the room.  While those were drying, I cut the curtain panel to size so my window would be covered plus some for scrunching plus some for hemming.  I made sure to cut the panels so I only had to hem one side on each.  Basically I had a middle piece with no where to go but the scrap pile.  Then I hem taped the crap out of the sides.  Love that stuff.

Once the rods were dry, I measured and placed the hooks above the windows and hot glued only one cabinet pull to each of the rods.  I strung the curtains on the rod and then threw some hot glue on the other end, stuck the rod on the hook, and quickly applied the other pull before the glue set.

20150221_105103The reason for all of this is once you have the pulls on each end, I was not able to slide the rods into the hooks.  They were a perfect fit.  As you can see from the picture above, I glued both pulls on each side….hence why I am even bringing this step up.  Luckily, hot glue is pretty forgiving when dry.  (I was able to easily pop one of the pulls off without any damage).

20150221_1418412I tied them back with some twine I had and voila!  I tied them low enough so when you come up to the door, you would need to be in crawling position to see inside.  And if you are crawling up to my door, I’m not answering.

TDC Before and After
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The Purge

Today has been a day.  Everything in this town is shut down thanks to the weather (good for me, I got to work from home), I had one of the WORST conference calls to date, and I may or may not have gone home to cry.  Im so glad I am down to the last few minutes of the day and I will be shutting down EVERYTHING.  UGH!

Lately I have been feeling like I am totally drowning in things and I HATE that feeling.  I feel like out house is a total mess all the time (it is) and things are everywhere.

So I instituted a household purge.  Nothing left untouched.  I will be honest, I am not half way through the house yet but it has been almost freeing!

I have been selling a few things online at prices so low I am surprised people actually take the time to come get what they need.  I figure I have already spent the money (or found the items for free), so it isnt like I am really taking a total hit for what I am charging.

My guest bedroom closet is SO MUCH easier to find things.  All those board games I never play because I have no one to play with, I can reach them finally.  That wedding dress I have yet to have cleaned and do something with, oh it is there out of kitty’s reach.

The kitchen, as you know, is still a frustrating room for me.  We ended up finding this kitchen cart at IKEA and adding this to the room not only added SO MUCH STORAGE, it made the room seem cozier.  I have yet to paint/stain it because I am not sure what I want to do, so I am going to live with it for oh I would say about two years before I do anything (I hope not!).


The day after buying the cart, I basically removed everything from the cabinets and reorganized.  It was a mess, but freeing.  In my kitchen we have a total of FOUR drawers.  Isnt that crazy?  I searched the all mighty Pinterest and found a few ideas that I tackled and they were SUPER easy.  Go ahead….do them yourself.  Betcha you’ll feel just as free!!

First: I reorganized the spice drawer.  It was pretty much genius moving our spices to the drawer.  So easy to find things.  I made it much easier by buying the small IKEA containers and printing labels on the lids for easy IDing.

20150225_1630022Genius!  It may look cluttered to the untrained eye, but I promise it isnt.

While I was still hot for organizing, I tackled the silverware drawer.  There are so few options for organizing the drawer you probably access daily.  I mean, yeah, you could get a coolish silverware holder, but my experience has just made for a lot of wasted space.  Exhibit A

20150219_1315352So much wasted space in front of the caddy for things to slide around and basically get lost.  The Pinterest Gods showed me a new way to live.  A civilized way.

I happened to have some wood scraps sitting around that was actually PERFECT for this project!  I cut them down and stained them to a color that was pretty darn close to the drawers.  Once I placed them in the drawer, I ended up screwing them to the sides so there was no movement.




It has been so much easier with the silverware this way.  I dont know how, but it has.  And you trust everything I say!

The last drawer that needs organizing is the utensil drawer (we have another drawer but that is just Ziplocs and trash bags…booorrring).  The utensil drawer is a bit of a puzzle for me, but I may have a layout I like and after donating some unused items, I think it will be less of a headache to deal with.  20150221_081413UPDATE:

2015-02-27 09.46.22

So that was a LONG post about drawers.  Why do you put up with me? Off to binge on a new Netflix series!  Thanks Facebook friends for the suggestions!!


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I am Racing again

Wait, before you get excited, it isn’t that cool.  I would love to be back to a place where I couldn’t get enough running or racing.  That place where I looked forward to doing half marathons.  Right now I am running and not serious running.  Let’s be honest, it is too cold for me to go out and run.  I am a big cold weather baby.  There I said it!

So one of my best friends moved to my favorite place in the entire universe, Charleston, SC.  I will just have to live vicariously through him since that was my dream and all.  A few weeks ago he asked us to come visit, but shocking, my work schedule wont really allow it until I make it through March.  I gave him a weekend and he mentioned he was signing up for the Cooper River Bridge Run that weekend and wanted me to run it with him.

Before we go any further, read this post about that time I ran CRBR in 2012.

I swore I would NEVER EVER run that race again!  It was physically tough and after running out of water, I was disgusted with them.  When my friend asked me to run it with him, I think I snorted and shouted HELL NO!  But I am one of those people that falls under peer pressure when it comes to things like this.  Drugs, alcohol, I am tough.  But when a friend asks me to run a race with them, by golly, I crack like a peanut shell.  (I am fully aware he is much faster than me and I will ultimately be running this alone)

I hemmed and hawed over this decision but signed up a few weeks later.  I instantly regretted it.

My first biggest motivation was found through making the training plan.  We had some excellent January weather and I had some amazing runs.  Two miles, but they were painless.  By the end of Jan, I thought this race was going to be hard, but doable.

Then something happened inside my head and I am not sure how to dig myself out.  I don’t really have words for what is happening, but I can’t get anything I want accomplished.  It feels like a severe case of laziness.  I am trying to fill my downtime with things I enjoy (and things that take my mind off the stress I deal with all day), but I just can’t get up and run, or eat the right thing, or paint the sign that needs to go out, or clean the house.  I have never felt this useless before, so I don’t know how to stop.  I DO think I had a seriously bad work week last week and I am trying to bounce back from that.

So here we are, 38 days out from the race.  I can take on my two miles, but what about the last 4?racecourse2-1024x791

I decided I should come up with some plan.  Some way to tackle this race and avoid a two hour finish.  Aside from that steep incline on the bridge (it is NO JOKE), the race is pretty flat.  I think once this yucky, icy weather passes through, I am going to really focus on getting my two miles down to a certain time and use that to start my race.  Once I hit that bridge around mile 2, I am going to try to run/walk.  No, I am going to have to run/walk.  Last time it was painful to walk up that bridge, running was the only option, but running so freaking hard.

Once I hit the top of the damn bridge, I am going to use the downhill to my advantage.  Last time I ran this, I was training, I was in ok shape.  If you read the post above, once I rolled into Charleston, I was sucking and we still had 2+ miles there.  Not sure how I want to conquer this part other than just finishing.

I’m not going to not do this race.  I feel like it owes me to be a decent race.  I most certainly hope they have figured out the finish line water/food hoarding.  I STILL can’t get over how a race runs out of water at the 1:30 mark!  Hopefully they are policing their vendor locations a little better this year.

Don’t even get me started on food hoarding.

I am pretty pumped about spending a weekend in Charleston and wish it would be for longer.  Who knows, maybe we can convince Matt to move there :)

What happened on one of your worst races that you can’t shake?

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My Thoughts About Craigslist

Right now I am slllooowwwlly purging my house of all things that I do not need.  The bulk of everything is stuff that we had during apartment living and have no need for now.  Or we replaced it with something nicer/newer/whatever.

While we don’t have THAT much to actually host a yard sale, I plan to have an online sale in the yard sale Facebook group I am part of.  I considered doing the same thing on Craigslist because I have had decent success buying and selling on there, but lately, the patrons of CL have left a really bad taste in my mouth.

Recently I listed some items on CL at a pretty reasonable price (half of what they would sell for at the store).  Of course you get those people that email asking about it and then never hear back from them again.  I had someone want them but realized they weren’t the color she wanted them to be.  Another person emailed me saying they wanted my items but only if I met miles away from my house.  I declined because I have so much going on, it is hard for me to just drop everything and deal with traffic to get there.

But then there was this one inquiry.  The one that really made me dislike those on CL.  I got an email from this person asking if I would take less.  Sure, whatcha got?  Instead of offering a price to me they stated that since they live 50 miles away, I should be compensating them for their gas and time and selling at a certain price.  Otherwise, I should be meeting them at a halfway point (25 miles away)!

First, I am all about meeting in a public place if you would like that.  There was an awful crime here in Georgia related to a purchase on CL, so I get you wouldn’t want to meet at someone’s house.  But to tell me they need to be compensated for their time and gas???  I laughed out loud.  We aren’t talking hundreds of dollars here either.

I noticed in their email they said they didn’t know much about the area, so I responded back letting them know a half way point is out of the question because of the difficulty getting there (plus you want something I have, why should I have to inconvenience my life?).  Since they weren’t familiar with the area, I suggested if they did not want to travel to pick up their items (how can you blame them) they should to keep their searches out of the city and OTP (outside the perimeter).  They live 50 miles away from the city, why would you think anyone would come to you?

I thought my email was pretty nice, short and to the point.  It set this person off and they went into a frenzy and I started reading their mean words and deleted it before I finished it.

End rant.

I’ll tell you this, Im not selling some rare, one of a kind piece that people would travel for or an item that I need to sell to pay the mortgage.  Just some random crap-to-me that I have no need for anymore.

I do understand people are worried about their safety (as am I) when it comes to buying on CL, but this was straight arrogance.

When it comes to buying/selling on CL, I always:

+ Contact via email.  I HATE when people want you to call them.  I have this weird thing about giving out my cell phone number to random people like that.  Plus, I like to keep an email trail in case something does happen.  The only time I will give out my number is when they are coming to pick up or to text when I am on the way.  Then I give out my work number :P

+If I am buying something that is small enough to meet, I make my meeting point convenient for the seller.  Once I even had the seller offer to deliver it to me for a bit higher price.

+If I am buying something from someone at their home, I make sure they email their address and I send it to my mom.  Then I make Matt come with me.  I need lifting power :)

+If I am selling something, I keep everything in email because I assume others are doing the same thing I do above.  I make sure Matt is home with me, but there have been instances when he hasnt or when I havent been home for him.  We are very well protected in our home if something were to happen and we have a big ferocious guard dog.  If you have seen ANY of the pictures on Instagram of him, I will give you a few minutes to laugh at my statement.  He talks a big talk, but I think he would just sit on someone and fart.

Do you buy/sell on Craigslist?  Have you had a crummy experience before?


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The Scary Backyard

Can I be honest?  I have no idea what I am doing in that dang backyard of mine.  No idea!  I have all the ideas in the world to make this yard work for anyone, but I do not know how to execute.

Here is the big scary yard that needs serious taming (from a time when temps were wonderful and everything was green).  I promise I have cleaned this yard up since these pictures were taken!!


The retaining wall that basically holds my neighbors yard up makes me nervous.  There is erosion in front of it and I see one of the post’s concrete base starting to show.  I have no idea how old that wall is, but my guess is pretty old.  And I have no idea how strong it is.  There is a two foot gap on the top of the wall from the wall to the fence you see.  Behind that fence is our neighbors who are doing nothing to take care of that house/yard and their fence is leaning into their yard (and this wall is holding the fence up with wires).  Not sure who legally owns this wall (I assume us), so not sure what to do with it.


Our patio is pretty small.  We have rearranged the patio furniture a few times since moving in to see which way works (right now I have the furniture flip flopped from what you see), but I am not thrilled with any of it.  I am considering selling the sofa/chairs just to open up space.



The dreaded space behind the shed.  My dream for this space is to turn this into a painting/messy project area with a cement floor or throw down a rubber mulch floor and putting a compost bucket back there.  NOTHING will grow over there and it is where all of the dead flower pots ended up.


It is hard to tell in this picture, but the yard slopes back towards the house.  It is really hard for anyone to walk to this point or back because the ground is so bumpy.  We are in discussions on how to grate and level the yard this spring.


I am probably going to move those Jasmine vines.  They had the hardest time grabbing onto the fence, so I am going to buy a trellis and move them somewhere they have a better chance



I plan to make a bed over next to the shed.  I have to use very hearty and tough plants over here because the dang trees next door drop branches (YES, BRANCHES) into our yard all the time.


It looks so lush in this picture.  Don’t let that fool you…..most of this is just weeds that have been growing.


Dead space.  Because we are unable to burn (damn city), I was blowing all the leaves over to this side of the house.  I didn’t care because A)nothing grows over there and B) no one goes over there.  Yesterday I really took advantage of the weather and decided that I would do a full leaf purge and see if the neighborhood garden could use my leaves.  When I cleared it out, I was totally inspired.  What about changing this dead space into an outdoor game space/lounge?  It is such a big space over there and it could be out of the way of green space.  Just a thought.  It would have to be leveled, drainage would need to be added, and some surface placed down.


This desperately needs a bed created.  I may have to break my hostas up this year.  They are so much bigger than what you see.  IMG_7580

Our garden got so big last year.  I am excited to build a few things for the garden this year and plant again.  Maybe we will actually get to keep some tomatoes!



We are talking grass seed vs. sod.  It is so horrible back here with all the mud.



The other side of the house is just as much of a pain in the butt as the rest of the yard.  It floods over here.  All the water collects in front of the gate and creates a lake.  Nothing a drain couldn’t fix, but $$$.  I want to do away with all the grass over here (again, no chance to grow) and make a path from the front to the back and expand the beds on the side.  I have to break those hostas up as well.


I had a lot of hate for that hill, but I am sort of over it.  Just going to keep adding ground cover to it so it will be a maintenance free green space.  The only one that uses it is the cat.  He has a weird obsession with the tree stump

IMG_7574So now that you have seen the yard in it’s worst state, it makes you want to run for the hills too, huh?  Our conversation right now is how to level out the ground and how we are going to add grass this spring.  Sod is the easiest option since it is already ready to go (for the most part) and that makes dealing with the dog easier, but it can be pretty costly.  And we don’t know how to install.  Seed could be cheaper (depending) but will take longer and we lose the backyard for the dog until grass is ready to be walked on.

Or in his case, sprinted on.

I have a feeling we are going to be spending a lot of time and money out here this year.  Sorry office….yet again!

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Black Hole Syndrome

You guys!  I am so happy to say we made it to February.  It was a little shaky there and I had my doubts of surviving the entire month of January.  Now it is time for me to focus on doing the right thing for ME and make some changes in my life.

While I have all the things I want to share with you, I am going to start with projects.  Last month really burned me out, so I am finding it hard to stop myself from going to complete hibernation mode that I went into during the holidays and get motivated.  That is why I have all of you!!  You let me share my crazy ideas without judgement, right?  RIGHT?!

The next four projects we have to tackle in the house (of any substance) are the office (poor, neglected office), a special project in the dining room, the scary backyard, and our kitchen.  I will refer to the kitchen as the “Black Hole.”  Outsiders do not understand.  They tell me things like how pretty this space is.  How they wish their kitchens looked like this.  Oh, the finishes!!

I tried to give my kitchen a chance.  I have left this room nearly untouched for almost two years.  I let the ideas of how to deal with the darkness of the space percolate during that time.

And where am I with my ideas?  No where.

Everything in the kitchen is brand new, so I am a total chicken to make any changes, but it is so stinking dark while the rest of the house is so bright.  The kitchen has french door leading to the scary back yard, but they are located on the north wing of the house, so the light we get in there is minimal.  Here are images I had to shoot at NIGHT because there is no light pouring in during the day!  (And I was cooking dinner when I took these pictures, so dont mind the mess/dishes/dog sitting patiently waiting for his chance to strike when food hits the ground)






Maybe I just need to suck it up knowing this isn’t our forever home and get what I want in the next house, but the weight of the Black Hole is pretty heavy.  If I WERE to make any changes, they would be simply cosmetic:  paint the cabs, replace the back splash, and add some colorful accessories.  Im not experienced or rich enough for a full on renovation.  We are also going to add a little more storage on the wall that is open.  We plan to have some sort of cabinet system/cart below and then hang pots and pans on the wall.

Of course I have dream kitchens on my Pinterest board that I wont see happen in this house, but here are just a few ideas I have:

DIY Kitchen Updates on a Dime- dark lower cabinets, white upper cabinets, stainless appliances and hardware, glass tile backsplash. What I want my kitchen redo to look like.

Source: Pinterest

I like this because we have a similar back splash, so less changing

love the slate blue and white

Source: Pinterest

Cabinet color! PERFECT

Source: Pinterest

white subway tile with dark cabinets.

Source: Pinterest

Or this last option would be pretty cost effective because I wouldnt be painting anything and just replacing the back splash (says the lady without a tile cutter or experience).

Friends, what would you do?  What would you do if you had a dark black hole sitting in one of the wings of your very open, bright house?

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Trying Not to Take It ALL!

I have a mixed bag of feelings right now.  It is already the middle of January, but it is only Thursday.  This was one of those mornings where I woke up and LITERALLY yelled “EFF it is only Thursday!”  Pretty disheartening especially since early this week it felt like Friday to a lot of us.

One of my goals this year was to stay as positive and as focused on myself/family as I could be.  Last year was really hard on my brain with everything going on at work and I am trying my hardest to not let the man get me down (and he is trying soooo hard to do it).

Another goal was to not overwhelm myself with ALLTHETHINGS.  I am failing at that.  I am going to step right up here on my little soapbox and share.  Any advice is welcome.


I was looking forward to this year (as much as I could) and finally being able to delegate work over to my new coworker.  We have had really bad turnover in this office for various reasons (all the same for each person).  With that turnover means I take the workload over.  So when I start to think I can breathe, someone quits.  It doesnt help that we are an office of four.  After closing a large show this week (hence exhaustion) my new coworker of less than a year put their notice in.  I totally agree and support their reasoning, but I want to be selfish for a second.  When I found out, I saw the figurative shit bucket being loaded up over my head.  That means not only will I be getting more work, I will have to train someone when they EVENTUALLY re-hire AGAIN.  So add that to the news I also found out that people in the know have been trying to get me on other opportunities with the company and they have been blocked because Im too good at my current job equals one annoyed panda.


I know this is probably not the week to have expectations of getting on any sort of work/home routine in place, but I am a little overwhelmed at home.  Now that my schedule at work is about to explode and Matt is in school until 10pm almost every night during the week, our house is a hot mess.  I know next month things will slow for a minute and I can get my routine back on, but I feel like I am underwater.  Dishes, cooking, laundry, cleaning, animals, soon to be yardwork…yeesh!

Southern Sign Shop:

I ended the year last year pretty well with the amount of orders I had for the few months I was open.  Of course I want to grow the shop for 2015.  I have been doing research on the best looking spreadsheet to create to track expenses and sales, but I havent found anything I like.  Plus, I lost a lot of time with the holidays and work.  Do any of you suggest a place to build without costing money?  I am also planning on some signage to create, but I am on the fence about actually cutting anything out.  I really dont want to add to the sign pile of unsold signs.  Our house is still pretty small, you know?

One cool thing is I will be hosting a giveaway once the Facebook page hits 100 likes!  I am going to be adding a new “line” to the shop and that will be the item I giveaway.  It isnt listed yet because I havent had time to cut (and the weather has been so crappy outside to do anything).  So head over and get your like on!  We are pretty close to 100!


On top of EVERYTHING above, I am also going to be training again.  I have done a really good job with getting my food choices on track and I am still loving paleo, but it’s time to get physical.  We have P90x at home, so I am going to start training with that so I can avoid a gym membership and I cannot afford Crossfit.  My friend has also asked me to run a race with him that I have in the past (and hated due to their huge mess ups).  I have to decide today if I am going to do the race, but I am going to train again like I am running it.  I miss running.  My biggest thing is to keep my toes tapped and find a knee brace.  Maybe that will help with my pain?  Any knee brace suggestions?

I also never realized just how lost I am without a monthly planner.  I ordered the Passion Planner back in November and due to issues out of her control, I still have not received my planner.  I feel lost people!  Supposedly this planner is life changing, so I am remaining patient and just printing calenders off my computer.

I keep reminding myself things will be easier hopefully next month and to just take it one day at a time.  I just need to get through the two shows I have this month.

Sometimes it is easier said than done!!

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