Things are getting better

TGIF!  This has been such a long and stressful week at work.  I found the straw that broke this camel’s back and I feel like my eyes have been crying for days and I haven’t eaten since lunch yesterday (seriously, I like to eat).  Not good when I am really trying to focus on running.

To focus on the getting better part, I feel like things are much improved on the running front.  Two weeks ago I ran my first 5k back and killed it, for my turtle self.  Tomorrow is the last “meeting” of my running group for this training cycle and a few of us decided to be rebels and not run the groups suggested race and go for something a little more Cinco di Mayo themed, being close to May 5th and all.  I checked the course yesterday online and it looks like it has some rolling hills, but my goal is to run it all without stopping.

Week 6: A really good running week if you ask me.  I “ran” with a running group my running shoe store hosts on Thursdays.  It was brutal.  They were all elite runners and I was left behind in their dust.  But hey, I got the mileage in and routed a new course if I need it.  Weekly Miles Budgeted: 9  Completed: 8.1

Week 7: First week back on the bike.  I know these aren’t run miles, but to me they are miles.  I am still doing cardio (have you seen Atlanta’s hills?) and my legs are working their little tails off.  This week I also exceeded my planned numbers (somewhat)  Weekly Miles Budgeted: 9.5  Completed: 15.2

Week 8: This week started really strong, but I noticed some phantom pains in my leg and instead of irritating it more, I decided to listen and rest some.  This was also my first 5k back!  Weekly Miles Budgeted: 9  Completed: 7.6

Week 9: All-star week right here.  I was active all but one day!  I biked to work twice last week and my mileage was pretty spot on.  It was my last real run with the run group and we did some speed work in the park.  Of course someone helped me out in telling me my arms were crazy sauce during the speed bursts, so I screwed my breathing up trying to focus on my arms.  Still, it was an AWESOME run.  Weekly Miles Budgeted: 10.5  Completed: 22.85

Week 10 (this week): Total fail.  Working late, absolute exhaustion.  This week made me realize maybe during the weeks I need to find a running partner.  I think I need that push.  Plus the weather was really bad down here for a few days, so riding my bike was out.  Weekly Miles Budgeted: 10  Completed: planned 3.1

My numbers still might be on the low side, but what I am noticing is the mileage I do run is less intense.  My body has accepted what I have asked it to do and while there are still a few adjustments it needs to get used to, it is playing very nicely.

Future plans:

I have a 5k planned this weekend
I would really like to hit the 4 miler on my own without walking at least HALF.
I signed up for an 8k with my dad when we pop in for a visit this month.
Hills hills hills.  I hate them, they hate me, but boy do they help improve running.  I need to start introducing more of them and stop relying on the beltline for my runs.
Training for Peachtree starts in three weeks and I think the best way to tackle that race is to run the course as much as possible.  Im looking at you, Heartattack Hill.
Find a running buddy.  I may ask a few of the girls from my running group to see if they would like to meet up during the week.  I was considering signing up for the running group again (since they have it timed to end on the Peachtree race, but the price went up and I don’t know if it was really worth that cost).

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  1. May 2, 2014 at 2:18 pm

    Good numbers overall! The big picture is that you are running again and sticking with your plan. A little set back now and again is totally fine. It actually gives you a little break. 😉

    Good luck at your 5K!!!

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