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Pancake Fluffing

Posted by on January 25, 2012

Can I share my morning with you before I get into pancake fluffing?

My alarm went off at 5:45am and my body said NO.  I cant tell you how hard it is to catch up on sleep after last week.  I laid in bed for 20 more minutes and finally made myself get up.

It didnt take me that long to get ready because I didnt put much effort in my hair or makeup.  As I was walking out the door, Hopps was sitting at his bowl asking for more food.  I looked down and it was covered in ants.  Since this weekend we have had an ant issue.  At first I thought it was us, but realized after our noisy upstairs neighbors moved, they fumigated the apartment and ALL OF THE ANTS moved down here.  Its gross.  I feel disgusting.

After getting in the car and heading to work (late because I had to clean that bowl and kill ants), I noticed I forgot my purse.  GAH.  Once I really got going traffic was so bad, it took 30 extra minutes to get to work.  After getting to work, it kept going downhill I almost threw my hands up and worked from home.  When I got back in the car and headed to the gym, it took an hour to get there and my workout was uninspired.  What a day.

Enough about my day.  Lets talk about pancake fluffing.  Next week I officially start 10k training and my main focus is to possibly build up to a PR and to start strength training again.  I will be the first to admit, I have a flat pancake butt.  I have yet to find a pair of jeans that fit in the butt without sagging.  The same with a swimsuit.  I dont know how I was blessed with the all mighty pancake butt, but I intend to fix it. I sent Matt a text saying today pancake fluffing was in full swing (I am fully aware of how nerdy I am, no need to point that out).

This week’s unofficial training includes today cardio/legs, Wednesday cardio/back&biceps, Thursday bowling (12lb ball), Friday rest, Saturday long run/chest&tris.


While I was far from impressed with today’s workout, I did manage to get 120 squats with a 30lb free weight in.  I think doing that before cardio made my run/elliptical harder than usual.  My legs felt like jello, but my butt is no match to the squat.  I did hit up a few other leg machines, but since this is my 2nd time at the gym and I was alone, I didnt branch out much because I am still figuring out where everything is (and who likes to look like a tourist at a busy gym?).

I am pretty excited about this training mainly because I know it will get me out of my funk.  I will have energy again and who doesnt love spring training?  Once I run the Cooper Bridge run, I have a month of dilly dallying and then I start training for Chicago Rock N Roll Half.  YES!  Then maybe I can start training for a marathon?  Eek I just dont know.

What is your favorite thing about training?

Is there a distance you want to try but are too scared to attempt?

Next post is for my DIYers.  I have a product my mom and I are trying and I want to share with you.

One Response to Pancake Fluffing

  1. Ali Mc

    that sucks about the ants but that is an awesome “unofficial” training schedule. great job on the squats.

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