Creating a Glam Office

I am on the down swing of shows on my calendar this year.  I.CANNOT.WAIT!  This year at work has been a doozey and I have a feeling the first half of next year is going to be the same.

Next week when the show I just opened today closes, they are going to be tearing down our offices to replace carpet in the building.  I am actually pretty happy about this because our offices are horrible right now.  HORRIBLE.  Aside from the fact that we do not have heat or AC, our walls are black and it is dark.  I like to call this place the haunted house.

We actually have REAL offices, but are not allowed to use them (long story).  We also had REAL offices here at our current location, but they were torn down and we have to use our temporary walls instead….for the last almost four years.  Basically we work in a glorified cube where you can hear your neighbors think and any noise out in the hall from workers/freight/cleaning people/etc.

Since we are tearing the walls down, I suggested that we reconfigure the office to a better layout so it is less maze-y and makes more sense.  The response was teeth sucking so I requested we at least have WHITE walls in our space so it is a little less dungeon like.  Now that I am getting my way (heh), I have been pinning ways to make my office more me.  I am here 50+ hours a week, so it should be more comfortable.  Here is my inspiration and here is my Pinterest board for the occasion (I have a thing for gold right now):

Office Space

This was my vision for the office at home, but since I DO share the space with a boy, it might be a little too much for his tastes.  I have a lot of display space with my desk, the hutch behind me and a table.  I can add any table we have in our office to mine if I need the extra space, but I might try to nix it.  I havent decided.  The key to this update is it has to be quick, easy, and cheap.  All of my money is tied up to finishing our dining room right now (ALMOST there).  Plus, when I leave or am fired, I want it to be easy to take everything with me.

I may have to make a sign for the walls too (and something to post in the shop).  Maybe an H?

What is your favorite office accessory? 

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September Birchbox

Hi All!  My posts haven’t been full of really what is up, but that is mainly because I am working on 100 projects right now and they all are in the “we aren’t ready to be posted” phase.  I am pretty excited to share with you.

Another project I am working on that I have already made the annoucement for is my little corner of Etsy that I took over.  I created a shop called the Southern Sign Shop.  I am still creating signs to fill up my space, but it is getting there.  I have been working on my logo and now that it is complete, I have a Facebook page and Instagram.  Totally legit!

Please follow along!  I also have a sidebar widget that updates this page as I update the shop’s page.

Anywho, onto my September Birchbox.  September seemed to be all about face products and I wasn’t THAT excited about it.  My sister seemed to make out like a bandit with her September box.  Makeup, nailpolish, all the good things.  I actually got my October box only to see there was MORE lotion and face cream, so I had to change the settings on my account.  I have more than enough of all these things.

So here is what September looked like:


1. Catherine Malandrino fragrance.  This fragrance was something I probably would have never chosen for myself and I have no idea why.  I loved it.  It didn’t last very long though, so I am sad panda at the moment.  It was a little muskier maybe than the scent I had last month.  Maybe moodier is a better way to describe it?  It wasn’t musky at all.

2. Liz Earle.  This is facial cleanser that comes with a cloth so you can get your exfoliation going.  I liked using it and still have a lot left to use again.

3. Perlier Shea Butter.  I was sent lotion the last box so if I had to compare, I liked the shea butter better.  (Spoiler alert: I liked the lotion they sent for October even better).

4. Dr. Jart Pore Minimalist mask.  I tried this out after a shower and it was interesting.  It is a charcoal mask that is soaked in a spearmint serum (so it reminds me of Vicks…mmm) that you place on your face for 15 minutes.  When I put it on, I looked like a crazy person.  I had to leave it on for 15 minutes and I put it on right before dinner, so when I walked into the kitchen, I definitely freaked Matt out.  hahaha

IMG_20140928_182024(dont worry sickos…I am clothed in that picture).  So I put the mask on and I couldn’t make any movements.  It reminded me of wearing white strips on my teeth.  No movement allowed.

5. Cynthia Rowley Eye pencil.  This eye pencil glides on your eye so smoothly and the silver is nice for going out.  I wore it to a football game and it stayed on all night.

So that was my September box.  Ill share October’s if I my posting schedule doesn’t pick up.

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Guest Room Makeovers on a Budget

Well fall is in full swing here and so is our dining room makeover.  Can I get a FINALLY!?!  I promised the dining room it was going to have it’s makeover ohhh about a year ago.  Instead I skipped over it and started another room.  I am hoping I will be done in the next few weeks and can share it with you.  Let’s just say there is a lot of painting and sanding going down and I am saying “JUST TRUST ME” to Matt….a lot.

So while I was looking for dining room inspiration, I posted my guest room makeover over on Hometalk just because I wanted something to share.  Have you heard of Hometalk?  It is a great place to share ideas and answer home and garden questions you may have.  The first time I used it, I posted a picture of this plant that was growing on top of newly planted bushes.  I had a TON of responses on what it was and what I should do with it.  Everyone was so helpful!!  (And for the record, I transplanted the plant to a new location as some of my Hometalk friends suggested and it was the best thing for the plant.  It is thriving like crazy!)

I posted my guest room expecting a few negative comments, but not as many awesome comments as I got!  It was so nice and sort of reassuring that I did not make a crazy mistake painting my walls like that.  hahahaha

Since posting my room, I was asked to curate budget-friendly guest room makeovers!  Pretty exciting stuff!!  Check out some of my favorites:


Click the image to see these amazing projects!

So many great ideas out there and you know how I have to do allthethings on a budget!

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The Man Cave

Right now, our little house is pretty small to host a man cave for Mr.  All rooms we use, with the exception of the guest room, is shared space.  I have tried pretty hard to keep the rooms gender neutral and making sure he has had some say with what goes into each room (except the guest room and partially the dining room now….I will show you soon).  The one room I think he wishes he had was his own space to play in (dont all guys?).  Maybe in the next house we will have enough space for me to have my craft room and he will have his own man cave.

This week I was contacted by this company called Man Crates, Gifts for Men to come up with my own Man Cave Design.  First, have you heard of Man Crates, Gifts for Men?  It is a place to buy the men in your life gifts that are shipped to them in actual crates that need a crowbar to open.  Pretty manly, right?  Click on the link to take a look and see what you are going to buy the men in your life.  I will wait.

After I was asked to create a space, I started thinking about all the things Matt would like to see in our office (which will mostly be his space).  Here is what I came up with below:


Man Cave

Here is a breakdown of everything in the room: (and why have I not been using Polyvore before!!!)

The color of the wall is very masculine to me and actually VERY close to the color we are going to paint the office.  Aside from the 70″ tv Matt wishes he had in there, this space would be used for playing on the computer/watching movies/playing on XBOX.  I started with a recliner but figured a couch would be easier to have friends over and still stretch out to watch an episode of Breaking Bad on Netflix.

I am actually in search of a rug very similar to what you see here because he requested it for our office space.  Classy guy.

I thought the table was really unique and while I do not like glass top tables myself, I think it adds interest to the space and will clean easier!

Of course no man cave is complete without team coasters and drinks of some sort.  We are wannabe beer snobs and love trying new beers/learning about beers, so I thought a flight set would be the perfect gift for this space.

The walls must have some decoration and I think a rustic version of the American Flag and our favorite team art on the wall is perfect.

I have no idea if guys like throw pillows, but something is needed to break up that couch!  Two plaid pillows and an initial pillow is perfect and still manly man.

That was fun!  What would your man cave look like if you had to create one?

Thanks Man Crates for letting me play along.

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Birchbox Review-August

Hi friends.  I have absolutely nothing going on in my life right now (except making signs) so I have nothing to blog about.  Ok, that might be a SLIGHT exaggeration.  I might have just fallen into my lazy routine.  I have 100 things to do at home, 9.5 books that are sitting in my room to read (literally 9.5 books), and projects that need to be done.  Where is all the time going!?!?

Last month I was hanging out with my sister and she was telling me about how she signed up to receive a Birchbox every month.  I had heard of them via Facebook and I think through blogland, but I never really wanted to pay a monthly fee.  She started telling me about all the good things about it and I figured why not try it out.  It is only $10 a month and maybe I could find something I liked.

I signed up at the very end of August, but they were so cool that they sent me the August box anyways.  My sister was right, it is like Christmas come early!  You get five products to test out and you can love it or not.  The theme for August was Lighten Up.

Here is what came in my box:


1. Sample size Harvey Prince Hello perfume.  I AM HOOKED.  I have already put this on my Christmas list.  I just love how this smells.  It is citrusy and floraly (yep, a word) and is so yummy

2. LAQA & Co Lip Lube Pencil.  I love how this isn’t really a need to sharpen pencil.  I hate when those large tubes are so difficult to sharpen.  I personally was not a fan of the color (Menatour Purple) but I know people this would look good on.  I have such a warm skin tone, pinks and reds look better on me.

3. Naobay lotion.  This lotion is very earthy and very smooth.  I like it because the smell is not overwhelming.  I wouldnt feel bad putting this on in the office

4. SeaRx.  I have used this three times (I may not have many more uses in the tube left) and while it is great for crow’s feet and aging skin (which I have neither yet), I did like that I dont sweat through this.  I rarely use creams on my face because I sweat through them and I end up having that awkward line of sweat over my lip.  I am already awkward enough!!  So I like this because that does not happen.  Maybe I also look 10 years younger????

5. Whish Shave Crave Cream.  This is different from shaving cream.  It goes on and looks like actual lotion.  I used it on my sunburnt and peeling legs and like it a lot.  I did not, however, like the scent.  I am not a grapefruit fan.

I just got the September Birchbox in the mail, so I will test those product out over the next month.  It was centered around the face, so I am interested to see how my face reacts to the items they sent.

What a great marketing idea for beauty companies!  I already have a few things I’m going to buy that I would have never purchased in the past.  If you want to sign up for your own Birchbox, click here and get the party started!!


**Birchbox did not sponsor this post.  I just wanted to share how cool it was and how I pretend to be tapped into the beauty trends by having these.  That’s right, you keep shaving with your store brand shaving cream…pfft**

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I took the plunge!

I have finally come through with one of my idea.  Yesterday I opened up my own Etsy shop.  I am pretty excited about it because it is one of the first ideas I have had that has actually truly come to life.

The name of my shop is Southern Sign Shop.  Pretty easy and to the point, dont you think?  I am selling all hand cut, lightweight, wooden signs anyone can use for their home decor.  Right now it seems the trend is the states I cut out, but I am not limited to that.  I have done a few Georgias (painted with University of Georgia), I am working on an Ohio University along with baby elephants, and will start working on Auburn and Alabama this weekend.

Take a look at my shop to see what is in stock.  I am currently working on a few custom orders which is so exciting!!

Eventually I will have a Facebook page, but for now the only social media it is tied to is Instagram (@southernsignshop) so buyers can watch the progress of their creations!

Here is what I have listed so far (not much):


Again, I am not limited to doing just states or just UGA or even sports.  This is just what I started with. I am also hoping to keep everything at the price point it is at or decrease it soon.  My biggest goal is to figure out how to cut some of my costs.  And take better pictures.  And design a logo…or really have someone take the design I have in my head and make it into a logo.

Shooting for the stars here!!

I do hope you take a look and if you want to see something in the shop, let me know.

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Go Go Go

And we are back.  Dare I say I am sort of over traveling.  It is so exhausting!!!


Later Florida!

It seems like the minute I got back from Vegas, we were back on a plane to St. Thomas.  I will tell you one thing, I do not like flights over two hours (but who does?).  The flight to St. Thomas was pretty uneventful.  Matt and I did not sit together so I watched the movie and wished for us to be back on the ground.



Coming in for our final descent

This was my first time on the island.  My first time really this far south in the Caribbean.  We were there for our best friend’s wedding and with Matt as the groomsman, I knew I would be spending some time alone.  Hey, I spent all that money to be there, why not make the best of it.  The island is very pretty, the resort was beautiful, but one thing that bothered me the whole time was how unwelcomed I felt by most of the guests.  I let it get the best of me at a few different points because I had never felt that way at an event like this.

On Friday, our friend’s sister-in-law and I hung out on the beach and in the pool.  We kayaked, tried to swim in the ocean until a vicious angel fish chased us out.  We hung out in the pool most of the day together and ate a very expensive lunch.  Resort life I guess.

Once the guys got back from golfing, we took a swing at snorkeling (which is a BIG step for me because of my fish fear) and we all tried out paddleboarding (HARD).


Dont mind the duck….he travels with a group of us from work when we go to fun places





Getting fresh with the locals







I will say, I did not fall off the paddle board like the boys did.  Unfortunately, they were green with envy and pulled the board from under me.  Jerks!

The wedding itself was beautiful, but very hot.  For some reason those wonderful sea breezes decided to take a break.




Me and the groom




I was madly in love with their officiant.  He did such an excellent job and not once did he have to refer to his paper.  After talking to him a bit he shared that he does 600 weddings a year.  Ok, so you may have your stuff memorized by now.  Funny thing happened on the way to the reception.  I was walking with wedding coordinator talking about her job and the wedding they host at the resort and she shared with me they were just amping up their marketing and have landed a ton more weddings.  I asked her how many people she has on her team to do so many weddings and she said only two.  I told her my passion obsession for weddings and she said I need to join her team asap and introduced me to her whole staff as the new wedding coordinator.

Could you imagine??

The next day we spent the day in the water snorkeling, playing on the hobie cats (sailboats), and watching Georgia lose to the refs Saturday night.  While out on the Hobie Cat, I saw a loggerhead turtle swim to the surface and we just missed a shark that was swimming on the shore.  A SHARK?!?!  I had JUST gotten out of the water snorkeling!  Had I seen a shark while I was under water the panic attack I would have had would have been so severe, I probably would have drowned.  Granted, it was just a nurse shark, but it was still a SHARK!!  (I have a very unhealthy fear of fish of any kind and just to do as much as I did this weekend was a BIG STEP for me).

It was a fun trip, but I do wish we had more time to save for it.  I was stressed about the money we were spending everyday just to eat.  Breakfast was $70!!!!!!  I think I am going to have to institute another no spend monthS in order to pay all this back.

Now that we are back in the real world, I am not as motivated to deal with work stress and really just want to focus on opening my Etsy shop.  Yea, that is happening.  Something has to bring in money to start my event planning business.

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My thoughts on Vegas

Hi Friends!  I just got back from my crazy trip to Las Vegas only to get ready to turn around and hop on another plane and head to St. Thomas later this week.  I know, poor me.

This Vegas trip was the first time I had ever visited Vegas and that is shocking to so many people for some reason.  I have never had any desire to go to Vegas because of how expensive I heard it was.  I’d rather go to a place that has a lot of historical value, a beach, or the mountains.

20140902_144611 (2)

After my wonderfully long vacation the week before, I took off for Vegas on the 2nd and was asked to stay until the 7th for work.  Just driving from the airport to the hotel, Vegas was not what I expected.  I guess I expected some glamorous place, but it was sort of brown and boring looking.  Granted, I did get in at noon and it is the desert.

We had to work really really long hours while I was there and the first three days we did not have AC in the convention center…….and it was 106 degrees outside.  Needless to say, I was walking around with serious swamp ass and we were all SOAKING wet around lunch time.  When we made it through the first night, we decided to hit up Fremont St (Old Vegas) and see what sort of people watching mischief we could get into.  I actually like Old Vegas.  There was a lot to look at and it seemed like a good amount to do.  We drove past the Pawn Stars shop and ate at what I thought was a yummy place to eat.  It was recommended by a local, which I love.

We made it to the strip the next night and saw maybe a half mile of it.  It was sort of douchey.  And very crowded.  BUT there was that buzz in the air that made it pretty exciting.

20140904_201916 (2)We thought about riding the High Roller Observation Wheel, but after working in that heat for 13 hours and not feeling well from lunch, we decided to walk over to the Bellagio and watch the fountains.

20140904_220111 (2)Do they do longer shows at different times?  The one I saw couldn’t have been more than three minutes.  The Bellagio was so BEAUTIFUL though.  Every inch of it was absolute luxury.  Even the chocolate fountain.  chocoIf they could just hook that up to pour directly into my mouth, I would be happy!!  We ended the night PRETTY early because we had to be into work so very very early the next day.

After another hot and sweaty day, I went to dinner with out client at their hotel and it was so pretty.  Their casino was bright, clean, full of people.  The people were beautiful.  The food was amazing.  Clearly I had hotel envy.  Our food was hotel food, the casino was dark, smoky, and the local gambled there.  It was like a casino in a dark, dingy basement.  Yuck!

Another long day under our belt, a few of us hit up Ellis Island for dinner and boy is it good….and cheap.  $2 beers, $8 plates.  You can’t find that on the strip!  Matt was jealous I sent this picture below.  He wants to go to Vegas so badly and sit in a Sports Book all day.  I have NO idea how to gamble, so I am just lost.


When it was time to leave, I sat and thought about how I felt about Vegas.  My conclusion was that I need to visit Vegas on a personal trip.  A trip where I have more energy to go out and stay out.  A trip where I bring more than $2 to gamble with (which I lost in 30 seconds).  I liked it, but I can see why most of my colleagues hated it.

Have you ever been to Vegas?  What was your favorite part?  What was your least liked part?

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Before and After: Furniture Flip

Happy Labor day to my friends!  I hope you all have enjoyed your long weekend.  I had an amazing week and change off this last week and I wish it was not coming to an end.  I did have two pretty stressful moments occur when I decided to check on my work email, but other than that, the week was bliss.

This project was done about 236 years ago, but I am just getting around to blogging about it.  I like to think I am time efficient!!  The one thing we desperately need in this house is storage, especially in the bathrooms.  I dont know why this house came with as little storage as it did, but it did.  So as the story of my life goes, med cabs are pretty expensive.  Or really tacky looking.  These projects always seem to be when I stop looking for something I end up finding it.

Back in MAY my mom and I went to Goodwill to find whatever.  Out of the corner of my eye I saw this cabinet thing sitting on a table.  It was glorious and perfect to be a medicine cab.  I think it was the hutch to a desk of some sort, but I break the rules and turn things into something else.

Wanna know the best part?



20140615_095509I was bound to make this work in our bathroom.  It had everything we needed.  So I got to painting.  I used the same paint I had left over from refinishing the Hoosier cabinet (Valspar white paint and primer) and need many many coats.  First, I did take the doors off, the metal and hardware off.  I deglossed everything (my go to on all paint jobs) and rolled on the first coat.

This piece had a special scent to it, so it was nice the paint could cover that up.  I did skip sanding it down a bit and I paid for that when this lovely color started bleeding through.  I lost count on how many coats I actually applied.

A lot.  Maybe five.

I spray painted the grate and hardware a metallic silver because the original was really dated

It took a weekend to complete with all the coats and what not.  We did add a little support on the back as the back was not solid wood.  I don’t want cabinets to come crashing down on me after my relaxing shower….








IMG_7668All of our medications have a home!  It is nice and high that when children come over to visit they won’t be able to rummage through the cabinet like a visiting adult would.  (Do people still do that?)

I am happy to announce that it also does not have that interesting smell to it.  You know the smell……….


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Finally it’s FRIDAY!

I know it has been a minute since I posted.  A lot has been going on here and I am SO GRATEFUL I have a week off from work next week.  It is long overdue and well deserved.  There is a lot of tension and hostility here and I am so glad I can remove myself from that for a week.

Since our last visit,

I have planned a craft brunch with some of my wonderful girlfriends in honor of football season starting back up (GO DAWGS!).  We have two crafts we are going to create and that is all I can say right now.  I have NO idea how my wood cutting skills are going to turn out, so I dont want to show you inspiration and it falls completely flat.  BUT you can check out what I have on my Pinterest page.  Ive pinned a few of the things we are making.

Here is what we made last year:

Last week I spent the week in Louisville for work to help with a show they had a deadline for.  It was SO NICE to work in an office where people communicated, there was no yelling or paper throwing, and they had air conditioning!!!  Plus it was great to work with friends.

The next few weeks are going to be very busy ones….and very expensive ones:

I have my to do list ready for my vacation which includes a ton of house maintenance projects and purging my closet.  There is a lot of cleaning and painting going on next week.  Plus, I have to make a wedding shower gift…and one for me because I love it so much!  ha

Then we have the lovely Labor Day weekend and I ship out to Las Vegas for a show.  It will be a total bachel0r pad at my house that week.

Once I am back from Vegas, we have a wedding to attend….in St. Thomas.  I was not going to go at first because it was just too expensive and we were only given two months to save for the trip, but I was guilted into going by the groom last week.  You think the gift I am going to make is suitable enough?  Or do I also need to buy a gift from their registry?  I would assume a wedding this expensive for guests, the attendance is gift enough…..

We started talking about taking a day trip up to North Georgia in October during the apple festival since apples are a big deal up there.  We wanted to make a weekend out of it, but of course we were late coming up with the idea and there is no where to stay.  We were going to do the vineyards and apple festival, but now since we are going to be driving back the same day, we can only do the apple festival.  I think it will be a lot of fun.

I bought new running shoes……..

Im making a running plan.  Nice and easy and it will end with a half marathon next year.  I had hoped to run a marathon this year, but it ended up really difficult because my damn shoes screwed up my legs and I had to take a step back.  Plus, for distances like that, I do not have a running buddy and I don’t want to spend money on a once a week running group.  Ive trained for a 1/2 alone before, so as lonely as it will be, I know I can do that.

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