I am Racing again

Wait, before you get excited, it isn’t that cool.  I would love to be back to a place where I couldn’t get enough running or racing.  That place where I looked forward to doing half marathons.  Right now I am running and not serious running.  Let’s be honest, it is too cold for me to go out and run.  I… Read more →

My Thoughts About Craigslist

Right now I am slllooowwwlly purging my house of all things that I do not need.  The bulk of everything is stuff that we had during apartment living and have no need for now.  Or we replaced it with something nicer/newer/whatever. While we don’t have THAT much to actually host a yard sale, I plan to have an online sale… Read more →

2014: A Year in Review

And yet another year goes by and I am shocked how quickly it went.  I swear it was JUST summer time.  Sigh.  This is what happens with you get old. (In case you want to see other years in review, check them out 2010, 2011, 2012, 2013)  In looking back, this year was not as exciting as last year, but… Read more →

The Paleo Update

It has been a month since we started eating Paleo in our house and I thought I’d share what the first month was like.  Here is a post on the first week.  After the first week, I felt like a total rockstar.  I never felt so good about myself.  It was like I was a different person.  Since the first… Read more →

My Take on Paleo

High fives for short weeks!  I have been spoiled the last three weeks with short weeks, but I had to take the last of my days off for the year and this is how they ended up.  The first week of December is going to be frustrating being a full week. I am going to be pretty honest here today. … Read more →