Back to the Bedroom and a GIVEAWAY

I am so happy to see the month of February go.  Two ice storms and weather all over the place, I am ready for warm, consistent weather.  Bring it March!

During the second day of the second ice storm and being locked up inside, cabin fever was running rampant through the house.  The very second the ice started melting and we saw cars safely driving on the roads, we jumped in the car and went wherever just to get out.  We ended up at Target, hahah.  As I mentioned before, we have to replace our bedding because the pup LOVES tracking in mud and LOVES wiping his feet on our bed.  We are in the process of changing that bad behavior, but my light blue bedding wasn’t going to cut it anymore.

IMG_7353I don’t know about you all, but I am seriously in love with the Threshold line Target carries.  LOVE LOVE LOVE!  While we were there, we happened to find a duvet cover that I think fits all of my needs: color, dark enough to hide foot prints, fun.

I am not a huge orange fan, but I thought it would be the perfect contrast to the blue walls and gray accents in the room.  So we gave it a try

IMG_7364The orange looks a little darker here than it does in real life, but I think it is perfect in this room.  Not only that, but COMFORTABLE!!

Of course, adding a color/pattern I am not used to, I was having a hard time picking out a rug for the floor.  I wanted something that would stand out, but wouldn’t clash, yet go with just about anything.  LOL, tough order to fill.

I posed this question to a great group I am part of on Facebook to see what others thought.  I got A LOT of great suggestions!!  Thanks everyone!!  While looking and searching, Mowhak Home reached out to me and asked if I would like to review one of their rugs for my room.  Of course I would!  We worked together in picking the perfect rug for this space.  I am so glad they helped me because their selection is ENORMOUS and if you know me at all, I loved ALLTHETHINGS!!

I went through the inventory, which they have product for every style, I narrowed it down to two:

Guess which one I picked??

IMG_7372The Fancy Trellis Gray rug was the winner!!  I couldn’t be happier with my choice.  I received the rug within a week of choosing it.  Is that fast or what?  One of the coolest features about the company is their rugs are still made in the US, so not only are you getting a well made product, you are also getting something local.

Back to its arrival!  The rug showed up at my door last Thursday and you know I was pumped to get it placed.  We actually struggled getting it placed under the bed because the bed is so freaking heavy and we did not want to take it apart.  We managed and I think it is the perfect addition, what do you think?



IMG_7377Remember that cord I needed to hide?  No more!  I must say I am super surprised by how soft this rug is.  Compared to what I have felt on other rugs around the house/at the store, this has a very sturdy look to it but is so soft and cushy on the feet.  20140219_194711Even Inspector Dog gives his approval.  Oh and the footprints?  He got a spot of Georgia clay stuck to the rug and it came right up.  Seriously, a great product!!  #ilovemymohawkrug

So now that I have gushed about my new Mohawk Rug, I think it’s time I share the happiness this rug brought to my room with you.


Are you as excited as I am?!?!  Mohawk Rug was generous enough to offer one very lucky reader of this here blog a free rug for their home any size up to a 5×8 and a under $150!  Even if you are not decorating, you can still use a rug!  It will transform your space instantly!  Like I said earlier, Mohawk offers rugs in so many styles and mediums, you will have a harder time narrowing your choices down than picking one out.

a Rafflecopter giveaway

This contest is open to all of my followers in both the U.S. and Canada.  The giveaway will end on March 14, 2014 and you will have the chance to enter each day.  Please make sure you are a follower of the blog (I currently use Bloglovin) and after you have followed, let me know in the comments.

Other ways to enter:

Follow Mohawk Home in the following locations and leave a comment for each one you followed:
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Find Mohawk Home on Hometalk

Good luck!!  I will announce a winner March 15!!

This post was sponsored by Mohawk Home and I was provided a rug in exchange for a review and giveaway.  All opinions are 100% my own.  #ilovemymohawkrug

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Just Keep Moving

Sometimes just hitting the reset button on life is what we all need.  We had a fun weekend away in North Carolina for a ski trip.  We both tried snowboarding for the first time and decided we hated it.  Sorry to my snowboard lovers out there, but skiing is my jam.  I had such a hard time getting down the bunny slope on the board.  Oh well, we found a great east coast, nearby ski slope and will go back again next year.

Getting away for the weekend helped me get back to being excited about all of our house projects.  Oh so many house projects!  Right now we are working on some majors: the master bedroom and our yard/garden.  Both have been somewhat overwhelming because there is a lot of money involved.  And there is also a lot of “I dont know what I am doing” involved.

Here is our plan for the yard (always changing of course):

  • Clean out all of the beds – leaves, crap, branches, death
  • Cut down all of my knockout roses.  If you didnt know, you have to trim those down this time of year to keep a smaller shape (which is what I want)
  • Aerate our front yard.  We are going to try and salvage our grass in the front this year
  • Trench the front yard bed for better drainage.  Im sure I will have a post for this later
  • Throw down premergent and some grass seed to help save the front grass.  Did you know once the ground reaches about 52 degrees F weeds start their seeding?  Our ground is projected to hit these temps after this weekend, so we have to get moving on this.
  • Mulch the front bed, mulch two back beds, and create a bed in the back yard near our shed to keep pesky kitties out from under the shed floor.
  • Prep our newly built garden for planting

We decided we are not going to worry about the grass in the back yard until the fall this year.  We have a ton of drainage issues back there that need our utmost attention before we can even talk about grass.  There is going to be a lot of digging and tilling in our summery futures.

Over the last few weeks, we have been busy building this vegetable garden and it has been a bit of a pain!  See, there is this hill in our yard.  It is 100% unusable space.  It is steep, it is annoying and I hate that we can’t really do much without serious digging.  DSC00604


Luckily there is one area that gets most of the sun during the day, making this space great for a garden.  We bought a bunch of landscape timbers that were on sale for $1 back in May to build a tiered garden.  It sat for a few months so we could figure out exactly what we wanted to do.  Here are a few progress pictures:


20140126_172434Here we are after digging out the first tier.  This was TOUGH because as you can see, we uncovered heavy cinder blocks.  Every time we would start digging, we would hit a full sized block.  Sadly, I think most of our yard is like this.

A few weeks and a few ice storms later, we ventured out to dig the tier above it.



20140209_153625Have you ever had to dig in clay?  OIY!  It is tough work!  Luckily on this tier we did not run into as many cinder blocks as we did on the first.  We also tried a few different techniques to help save man power in getting the timbers mounted together.  We used about 10 rebar stakes in each level holding everything together and stuck into the ground.  These babies aren’t going anywhere!

At this point we are just waiting for everything to go on sale.  We need to buy pavers for the top of each tier so we have a walking path and we are also waiting on timbers to go on sale (they are more than double what we paid) so we can finish the wall in the back.  Matt would really like to build two more tiers next to these, but I am not fond of the idea.  I would like to get the garden growing first.  We have started adding nutrients to the soil and have to wait until this weather stays consistently warm to plant.

I must say, the second tier was a bit of a pain in the butt to dig, but we came from it with some cool to me treasures:

20140209_155433We found an old (probably left from the guys who built the house) liquor bottle, a super awesome milk jug from the Cloverdale Dairy-turned Parmalat-turned closed to an abandoned building, and two Coke bottles: one with painted lettering and the other engraved.  We also found a very retro Fanta bottle, but it was broken and needed to be trashed. We also uncovered the top of a pick axe, a shovel head, some shoes, and a tarp from this hill.  Parts of me thinks there is a body somewhere.   Could you imagine???

And that is where we are with these major projects.  Stay tuned this week!!  I have a SUPER AWESOME giveaway coming!

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Progress Report: In the Bedroom

Heeyy, it is not that sort of post!  At the moment, we are working on getting our bedroom to look more grown up than what it was when we moved in.  I didn’t really take any before shots of the room (bad blogger), but the room was the same yellow as the rest of the house.  Too much yellow for my yellow loving heart.  The whole house was too warm really in the color department.  Yellow walls, honey floors, cherry cabinets, warm lights.

With this room, I broke the rules.  GASP!  I read a few posts last week telling me I am not supposed to pick the paint colors before decorating the room.  The paint was the first thing to go down in this room.  Actually, the ceiling fan was the first to go up because if you have ever spent a summer in Atlanta, you know why I cant have anything else up there.  Decorative ceiling lights are O-U-T!

We just could not stand how the room looked with the color of the lighting and the color of the walls, we painted first.  We went in about 100 different directions with paint colors in this room.  We were thisclose to painting the room with a navy blue wall (swoon) and greige walls, but something stopped us midway through that decision.  I think it is my fear of using a dark color on the wall.  We ended up picking Martha Stewart’s Salt Glaze and I think it is perfect for the room.  It brings a lightness to the room that I think it needed.  We get the western sun (somewhat), so it can be pretty dark at times, even with three windows.

After we picked the wall color, it sort of helped us pick out all of the furniture for the room.  So you may look at this as me breaking the design rules I hardly know, or something that helped me pick out a darn bedroom set!


The second thing we did to this room after we bought the headboard/media cabinet was mount the tv.  First, we are buying our furniture in stages to save money (so dont mind the mismatch).  Second, mounting a tv to a wall is pretty easy.  Mounting it to an exterior wall is a !^@%$!(%!  We bought the equipment you need to make your tv mounting legit with homeowners insurance, but getting it on that wall sucked.  Insulation, being really tired, and an annoying mounting bracket that didnt want to go up easily.

What we have to do now….

IMG_7351Buy new bedding.  I love my Pottery Barn bedding from a few years ago, but it has seen a lot of wear and tear.  It also cannot stand up to a dog with Georgia clay stuck to his feet.  We are looking for something darker, but I have no direction.  I think the bed needs a punch of color.  What do you think?

Buy the rest of our furniture.  We need to buy new nightstands and a new dresser.  The ones in this room will be moved over to the guest room.

IMG_7352Buy a rug to hide our cable running across the floor.  Yeah, moving the wall to the exterior wall meant the cable connection was non-existant.  My stepdad works in the cable industry and he suggested running the cord under the house, so we just need to get him over here to do it.  (I hate asking for work favors on people’s days off).


Buy/Make curtains for the windows.  I was pretty gung ho about getting full length curtains for our windows to soften things up, but now I am leaning towards a roman shade possibly.  Matt hates curtains, but I think it needs SOMETHING!  Our windows need the extra long panels as well, so this could be a nice money saver.  Again, no direction!


Art!  Our walls are naked and they need some color!  I am obsessing over water colors, so I am browsing everywhere to find something I really like.  I am also not against painting something myself, Ive just never worked with watercolor.


Aren’t these lamps so wonderful!?  I bought them at a consignment shop near my parents house and I love them so much!  I almost passed them up because it was no spend January, but they were much cheaper than I would find anywhere else.

Now I know what I NEED to do, I just need the inspiration to get started.  I get so lost sometimes!

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Closet Case

We are officially working on getting our bedroom to look somewhat like a person lives in there and one of my biggest complaints about the room is the closet.  Our house is a little over 1,400 square feet, so our bedroom does not have a grand master closet you see in these huge houses, just a modest walk in.  We were lucky the builders of the house provided the wire shelves/rods for the closets, but after living in the house for nine months, they just arent working in all but one closet.


Most of this will be changing soon

Are you ready to see the current state?  Do you promise to not judge?  It is not what this former OCD turned lazy person is used to.  I tried to make it work, but there just isnt enough of what I need.

Turn your eyes away if you are not ready.

Im warning you……..

Ok, you are in for a show



20140206_065459I could have cleaned it up before showing it to the world, but then you wont see what I am dealing with.  There is no organization to this space.  None.  My OCD hates when I walk in this room (the whole house really) because I have nothing to work with.

I thought about going shopping for bins and baskets, but that isnt the solution.  I need things out of site, not pouring over the top of a basket.

Standing in the closet this morning trying to decide what I wanted to wear, I came up with a very rough idea of what I think I would want in this space.  Ready to see my stellar Paint skills?  You will be amazed at my drawing and will immediately hire me as a graphic designer.  Stop it, you’re too kind!

closet 1 Sweet skills, amiright?  The picture above is what I am thinking about for the right side of the closet.  A space for our pants, sweatshirts, and shoes.  Our ceilings are 9′ tall, so we also have height to play around with (which our current setup does not use).  I want to ditch the idea of using the back wall at all and extend the left and right side straight across.

closet 2This is what I am thinking about for the left side.  What we have to remember is how these are NOT even closely drawn to scale.  These images make my closet look soo much bigger and grander than it really is.  I think the room is 5′-6′ deep and about 5′ wide.

What I am looking for on the left side a place to store what little jewelry I have, hang my dresses, shoes for Matt, boots, and drawers for socks, scarves, random crap that I have stuffed in a hamper right now.

I havent decided when this idea is going to take place as will most likely be the last thing I tackle after the rest of the room is complete, but I have an idea and can start looking at different ways to build this out while saving some money.  I am not looking at high end finishes, but I am not sure I want to build this from scratch.  I may have to make a 2 mile trip to IKEA and see what solutions they offer.

I will have to present these drawings to the board of decorators (ahem Matt), but I think it will make my life so much more functional!

What do you think?  Do you have a space that is way out of control? 

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Back at It

I have given my feet a total of seven months to stay away from running.  Four months to heal from finding out what was wrong with my feet to begin with.  I know taping my toes have completely helped, but they are easily tender the times I forget to tape them up.  My doctor told me I would probably be taping forever, so it is what it is.

He also said I could start running again after the first of the year.  I gave my feet an extra month to stay away from running (and I was super busy with three shows back to back), so now it’s time.  Dun Dun DUUUNNN

Y’all know I have marathon brain right now, so I am going to start my training so nice and easy, most people would wonder if I am actually doing anything.  Here is a look at the rest of the month:

Mon Tue Wed Thu Fri Sat Sun Total
Rest 1 m run 1 m run 30 min walk Rest 1 m run/30 min walk 45 min walk 3 miles
Rest 1 m run 30 min walk 1 m run Rest 1.5 m run 45 min walk 3.5 miles
Rest 30 min walk 1 m run 45 min walk Rest 1 m run/30 min walk 45 min walk 2 miles
Rest 1 m run 1 m run 30 min walk Rest 1.5 m run 45 min walk 3.5 miles
Rest 1 m run 30 min walk 1 m run Rest 1 m run/30 min walk 45 min walk 3 miles

Told you, easy peasy.  I am obviously nervous about my feet hurting, but let’s be honest, I am so out of shape it hurts.  I am actually trying to come up with a plan that will help with my overall nutrition and health.  More on that later.

I start really running again in the month of March, so it is time to get some races on my radar.  I also need to blow the dust off my Daily Mile account.  Will you be my friend?  :)

So we are at what?  Three times having to restart because of some crazy body issue?  Third times the charm, right?  RIGHT?!

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Take a Seat

We are still in the process of buying furniture for our house and it seems like it is taking forEVER.  Well it is because we are buying new for some rooms and there have not been any good sales.  We were able to score our bed and media stand/Matt’s dresser for a REALLY good deal, but the rest of the set we decided to wait on buying until it went back on sale and we could pay cash for it.

While we are stalking the bedroom sales, we are also hunting for living room furniture.  We need a new couch, end tables, coffee table, and a chair.  The theme of our house is something we call “Charleston Rustic.”  There are lots of blues, grays, and wood tones.

If you take a look at One Kings Lane, there is a helpful guide to help you get started in finding your style.  The style test shows chairs, but why not use it for your whole room?

My end result was the New England Chair.  I can’t say I am surprised.  I know I am personally into a mix of modern and classic.  I love the wood tones and fabrics of the classic chair (or furniture) but the straight clean lines of modern.

I clicked on my new find and drooled a little on the keyboard.  This is exactly our style.

This chair is so yummy.  I need to grab my kindle and a blanket so I can curl up in this chair.  The only thing I think this chair is missing is pattern.  I know our couch will be very similar in color because we want to keep that pretty neutral.  I dont want all of our furniture to be too matchy matchy, so if we end up not finding a chair that is different from the rest, there is a reason pillows and accessories were invented!

I am obsessing over this chair because not only does it have the straight lines I need, but it has the worn, weathered leather look that sets it apart from the couch that I assume will be a tough fabric.  It is masculine enough for Matt, but it has a soft and cozy look for me.  Plus, the color is a nice break from tan, gray, and blue.  I even have the perfect reading lamp to go on a side table next to this.

Pair this delicious chair with a colorful throw blankey and I have the perfect place to lounge while Matt hogs the couch!

One way we could bring in more color for our new reading nook is with a colorful ottoman.  Gotta put our feet up, right?  I love the look and function of the poufs.  Extra seating, comfy for my feet, and can be pushed under just about everything.

There is just not enough yellow in our house, especially in this room!  I love how they have a pattern, different color, and even different textures to give this newly created reading nook some interest.

What is your chair style?  How would you accessorize to it fits or stands out in your space?


*All products are viewable at One Kings Lane.  They contacted me to take the style quiz, but did not compensate me to do so.  This is my own opinion and how I would style my space.

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Snowpocalypse 2014

Hi everyone!  Im taking a break from my busy life to share the goings on of this week and our city-wide shut down.  Mainly I am here to vent.  It’s my blog and I do what I wanna!

I knew this storm was coming.  You knew this storm was coming, what happened?  I have been reading some pretty interesting articles on the subject matter and really what it comes down to is the lack of transportation options Atlanta has.  Also, in my opinion, poor planning.

I have lived in Atlanta for 15 years.  Before that I lived in Chicago for the first 14 years of my life.  I’ve lived through some crazy winters.  The last winter of my living in Chicago, we experienced a blizzard that shut down schools and work for one day.  I would say that happened once in a blue moon up there.  When we moved to Atlanta my freshmen year of high school, we had a snow day when there was not a single flake of snow.  It was threatening the northern half of our county (which happens to be in the beginning stages of mountains) and they closed everyone.  It seems like each winter when the threat of any type of snow flurry, schools are closed or delayed.

Fast forward to this week.  This winter storm was all over the news.  It was coming and would stretch from Texas to Boston.  The southern states were going to be hit.  They were even projecting middle to south Georgia to be hit harder than us.  My question is why didn’t they cancel schools for the day?

Now you have over a million people trying to get out of the city at once because schools were all cancelled at the SAME.EXACT.TIME!  Chaos!  I had friends on the roads stuck for up to 20 hours!!!!  I could not imagine and I am thankful they are home and safe now with their families.

The snow started about noon here on Tuesday.  Big, yummy flakes.  When we saw the reports of traffic increasing by the minute and ice starting to form, we called our bosses (not located here) and their suggestion was to get a hotel room because we needed to be at work the next day.  The problem with that is hotel rooms were sold out.  I live about three miles from work, so I took a gamble.  I drove home.


20140128_170940I have some pretty big hills to climb on my ride home, so I was pretty nervous because the roads were already freezing.  I watched one guy slip and slide all over the road near work trying to get up the hill.  I was VERY lucky on my ride home.  I stayed on side streets and it only took me an hour to get home.  I was going so slow, my automatic locks in my car didn’t lock.  Once home, I settled in and tried to come up with a game plan for the next day.  The streets were going to freeze and there was no getting around it.


This guy LOVES snow


I woke up at 4:30am (everyday this week) and flipped on the news.  Absolute chaos!  National news!  Friends from all over texting me asking if I was ok.  Tweets/Facebook posts/comments in news articles about how Southerners cant drive in 2″ of snow.  I will admit, driving here sucks!  But I want to challenge any of my friends or family from the northern region of the country to drive on solid ICE?  That is what the roads were for most of the day Tuesday and all of yesterday.  ICE

20140129_083352Seeing these reports, the stories, the people stranded, my anger grew each second that I was required to be at work.  I do not know how to drive on ice.  I do not know how to drive on hills covered in ice.  My only option was to walk the 3 miles to work since the trains weren’t really running.  Matt got whiff of that idea (his office has been closed the last two days) and stopped me.  He offered to drive me to the train and I would have to wait.  We argued about it because, Ill say it again, THE ROADS WERE ICE!!!  After going round and round, I let him take me to the train.  He slipped and slid around, but he was pretty smart about it and we were ok getting there.  Getting home for him was trickier though.

I got on the train platform and waited. And waited. And waited.  I think I was up there for almost an hour in the 14 degree weather with the wind blowing.  My feet had no feeling and I wanted to cry but didnt want to coldness on my face.

Once the train finally got there, I made it into work only to deal with some of the most hateful people.  We have a tradeshow moving in, so a lot of people are arriving late, if at all.  In the first hour of my being here, I had a few people yell at me about having a light crew (most people could not make it in) and how stupid people from Atlanta are.  Listen here, if I could control the weather like these people claim I could, we would be living in 75 degrees and sunny everyday.

As the day went on, the roads started clearing up.  They were able to get the few salt trucks we have out and hit major roads.  There was even some melting taking place.  But there was one problem looming over us: the temps were dropping fast and everything that melted was refreezing.

We called the bosses back up and explained what was going on.  It’s not that bad they said.  You have to stay late they said.  The news was on Sports Center for goodness sakes!  Matt gave me the cutoff time of picking me up to be 5pm.  Just before it got dark.  I got word we had to stay until 7.  I wouldn’t normally complain about this on a public forum, but it hurt that my safety was thrown to the side.  It was that bad people.  I was planning on walking back home (because we could not find any news if the trains were still going), but Matt risked it again for me and came directly to get me, at 7pm.  It was a tricky ride because there was still ice, but we made it home.

As I watched all this unfold, it made me really think.  What if Atlanta, God forbid, had a 9/11 situation happen?  What if something catastrophic happened in the city?  What is our escape route?  Do we sit on the roads for 20 hours hoping to get out?  We have our escape route in place if something were to happen (we live 3 miles from the city center), but what about the city?  What about the cities in close proximity?  What about the entire metro area?  The state for that matter?

Just some things to really think about, you know?

I will leave you will puppies and kitties playing in the snow like little weirdos



20140128_174020Stay safe and warm friends!  I am starting a countdown to spring!

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Yep, my usual six month post about how busy work was and how I can barely function.  The sad part is the month is only half way over and I still have two more shows to go this month.  Yikes!

So I leave you with my filler post of pictures that I took since Christmas….because let’s be real, I have nothing to write about yet.  But once the month is over, Ill be ready.  Ive got projects, new things, and questions for you all!


New Years Eve Atlanta hosted the Chick-fil-a Bowl at the Georgia dome.  Earlier in the day, the parade ran past my office, so I stepped outside to take a look.  IMG_20131231_193715

Matt and I decided to buy tickets to the Bowl game.  Why not?  Tickets were pretty cheap.  To be honest, it was quite boring because we didn’t care about either team.  Our team played the next day in Florida. And lost.  Losers. IMG_20140106_063447

Rigsby waits until Matt gets up in the morning to jump into bed and snuggle with me.  Every morning I wake up to thisIMG_20140108_190232

One late night at work, they had the new Ferris wheel lit up across the street.  IMG_20140109_201839

Rigsby and Barley begged for Cool Whip, Matt let them have some.  LOL!IMG_20140110_180827

I got a jigsaw for Christmas and was dying to make this project for the front door. IMG_20140111_111221

Last Saturday was bad for me and when I came home from work, Barley was trying to fit himself into a shoe box.  My fatty fat trying to get in a box always makes me smileIMG_20140111_163917

Last week, Mother Nature must have been expecting her monthly visitor because we started the week off at 5 degrees and ended the week with windows open and 60 degree weather.  Whhhhaaa??IMG_20140111_224034

We had our thank you dinner for all of the people that came in from out of town to work on the show with us and after most people left, we whipped out the Cards Against Humanity game.  Have you ever played?  It is pretty offensive, but if you have the right group, you will laugh until your face hurts.  IMG_20140113_211431

Matt got me a gift card to my favorite running store for Christmas, so we went last weekend and I am now in Brooks.  I love them, but have not been able to run yet.  I put my feet through a lot of torture these last few weeks, so they need to rest a bit.  Feb 8!IMG_20140113_212941

After show #1 closed, the buildings were a hot mess.  People left their trash everywhere.  My question is why didn’t anyone tell me about this booth?  I would have been more than happy to help them drink these.  I will be honest, I was bummed I didnt need them for anything project-wise.  IMG_20140115_122250

Boss man sitting at the freight desk making sure the crew overnight signed out.  He seems pretty serious about his jobIMG_20140115_190017I ended the madness of the last few weeks laying in bed with Matt, Rigsby, and my new obsession, Chai Lattes all while doing a full Parenthood catchup.  I have A LOT of cleaning to do at home, but I think tonight I am going to snuggle in bed again with my chai and whichever animal gets to me first.  They wont coexist with each other, so we have separate times to snuggle.



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Project List for the House

Y’all knew there was going to be a project list for the new year, didnt you?  I couldn’t resist!  I am a lifelong list maker and that will never change.

I look at the current state of our house and think we sure have come a long way.  It may not seem like it compared to most home bloggers, but many of them do this for a living, so I cannot compare.  At first I couldn’t see past the length of time projects were taking, but I am proud of how things have progressed.

I know it takes time for a house to become a home, so here is to another year of getting closer!  My list is always changing and I will use it as a guide as other projects/ways to spend money comes up.

Living room:

We are just starting to save some money to buy new furniture for in there.  What we have right now does not work.  We have tried and tried, but it wont work.  We have a full living room set we are eyeing, but instead of buying it now, we want to save and pay cash later.

IMG_7218Build built ins under the tv.  This house is a craftsman (on the outside) and I would love to bring some craftsman style features to the inside.  I have a SORT OF plan for this, but I really wont focus on this until we are ready to build.

IMG_7221Once those are completed, I will consider the living room 100% complete!

Dining room:  Matt and I toyed with making one wall in our dining room a wall of shelves, but I dont know if that is something we still want to take on.  Im not sure how the space would flow.

I desperately need new chairs in there.  Right now the ones I use are old and broken.

A rug in here will bump this room’s status up to 100% (for now).

Kitchen:  OR-GAN-I-ZATION.  I need it badly in here!  BADLY!  And a butcher block on the opposite side of the kitchen for storage.

Both Bathrooms:  I consider those to be 100% complete for now.  There are little tweaks, but those wont be considered until I am done with everything else!

IMAG1181Master Bedroom:  We just started buying furniture, so we have a little ways to go before this moves up in the standings.  I need curtains, the remainder of the bedroom set, a rug for sure, lamps, all the things!  Id say we are about 30% into this room!

Guest Room:  I have picked out the paint colors and that is the extent of progress in this room.  Oh, the cabinet is painted.

IMAG1241(I promise this color is not as harsh as it looks here.  I just realized how BRIGHT it seems.  Ill get a better picture soon)

Office:  Can I just share how HARD it is to decorate a shared office?  I am at a total loss with this one and Pinterest has given me squat.  I would like to have this room and the guest room at least painted this year.  I want glam, but Im sharing with a boy, so that wont work.  I need a middle ground

The yard: Otherwise known as the bane of my existence.  I knew going in since we werent really renovating the house, the yard is what would need our attention.  After the soaking wet summer we had and the neighbors around us that do not take care of their yards, we have to basically start over.  Weeds, poor drainage, kudzu, full shade have set us up for disaster.  I have an idea of what I want the back to look like, but getting started scares me.  I want to bring a pro in for help and guidance, but I dont know if it works that way.  So many unanswered questions!




Our goal is to start a vegetable garden this spring, so stay tuned for some backyard fun!

So that is where I am at right now with what I would hope to accomplish this year in the house.  Let’s not forget, 4 months this year are going to be no spend….timing is going to be everything here!

(meanwhile I am about to spend $1 on milk for my cereal)…..

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Looking Forward to 2014

Funny how this time of year either really inspires us to make drastic changes to our lives or totally puts us out of the mood.  I think bringing in 2013, I was not in the mood to make any resolutions, any goals, really do anything.  I knew it would be a busy year and aint nobody got time to keep resolutions when you are bsuy like I was.

2014, however, will be just as busy and I need to make a few life changes.  Resolutions? eh.  I want these to stick longer than a month or the year they are SUPPOSED to hang around.

4 NO SPEND months.  I want to challenge myself to no spending for a whole month once a quarter.  I think doing something like this is going to lift a huge weight off my shoulders.  2013 involved a lot of spending: the wedding, the house, and everything that goes into the house.  (Dont be fooled…your first year of home ownership is super expensive).  More on this soon.

Run a marathon.  I never really had a burning desire to run one.  I ran a few halvies and that was the highest I desired to go, but one of my goals before I turned 30 was to run 26.2 miles.  I wont be able to accomplish this before this July, but I will shoot for it before the end of 2014.  Im looking at doing a fall race somewhere flat.  I was considering MCM, Chicago, or Savannah, but if you have better race suggestions, please let me know!   Ill travel just about anywhere as long the elevation is pretty even.

Healthy Eating.  Let’s be real here.  I am a garbage disposal and I will not discriminate against any kind of food (unless it is fish or gross, lol).  December was a bad month when it came to food, sweets in particular.  Portions are also my set back.  I can’t seem to satisfy my hunger.  So for January, I am going to measure my food and cut my sweet intake down.  Eventually, I will add more to this, but one month at a time. I wont be surprised if there are a few months I take something bad out of my diet completely, like the fries of 2012.

Bike in 4 days a week.  I was pretty successful riding my bike into work 3-4 days a week in the summer, but with all the rain we had, it was tough.  I bought a new tube for my tire and as soon as I replace it, 4 days a week.

Take better pictures.  Im so tired of my crappy cell phone pictures on here.  You’re welcome!

Work on the five year plan.  Stay tuned.

My ultimate goal is to reevaluate each goal or add new goals as the month closes out.  Taking this month by month is so much more manageable than lumping it into one year.

I hope you all have a safe and amazing new years!  See ya on the other side!!!!

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