I am starting to lose track of my days.  It is getting busier and busier around here.

Last weekend was a wonderful three day weekend and the same with this weekend.  Phew….I need some long weekends before the craziness starts.

Friday, I mainly took the day off because I had a doctor appointment and she is all the way up there, so I did not feel like going all the way up there and then coming all the way down here to work.  Plus I needed the day.  IMG_20140620_101129I had such a long laundry list of things I needed to talk to her about.  She is super excited that I may ditch running and move onto cycling, as she cycles herself.

Speaking of which, Matt had to buy some items for a test he had yesterday, so he mapped out a 10.1 mile ride around town.  It ended up being 10.5 miles and it was so awesome!  We got stuck in a downpour, but it benefited us because it was so flipping hot.  I am itching to plan out a 15 mile ride and build my mileage up over time.  I think I am going to need some butt pads in my future!!

After the doctor, I headed to my favorite, Hobby Lobby.  I have a party to plan and needed some supplies on the cheap.

IMG_20140620_123533I was so sad to see Christmas already up!  Let’s not speed up summer.  I love it too much.IMG_20140620_143640This lovely lady was on clearance and I thought she was an interesting piece to add and hold my necklaces.  Now, I need to give her a sassy, southern name.  I’m thinking Blanche!IMG_20140623_103912In case you didnt know, my 30th is coming up (July 6th if you want to send cake).  I started making some fun labels for hopefully cake pops.  The party is going to be at my house, so nothing fancy and I cant go crazy on decorations.

Saturday I spent most of the day being pretty stinking lazy and cleaning.  My dad and sister are in town, so my messy house can be no more.

IMG_20140610_171159Look who decided to bloom on me.  This one is a temperamental little beast.  I have to constantly keep her watered to keep her happy.  Her brother from another mother in the back of the yard is not acting like this, but he doesnt have a bloom like her.

IMG_20140612_181243We harvested our first cucumber and it was a big boy!  I think we have picked 5 so far and there are more ready to go!  Just a few months ago I thought that plant was dead.  Our tomato plants have tons of fruit on them, but nothing is ripening yet.  Grrr

IMG_20140622_211312Sunday morning I had a little time to refinish some ugly candle holders I bought for $2 a piece.  I am in love with the two toned and sort of how it crackled.  I did not do that intentionally!

My dad and sister are in town, so Sunday we drove down to West Georgia and went on the Wild Safari.  I have never been, so I had no idea what to expect.


Basically, all the animals are roaming and the more aggressive ones are caged up.  You get a bag of feed and follow the road through.  The emu was pretty boring and I worried that was what we were going to deal with for the trip.20140622_131630NOPE!  I was so wrong.  Once word got out that we had food…..people started coming out of the woodwork.  There were SO.MANY.TOUNGES. in my car.  SO MUCH DROOL!  One guy popped his big old head in my car and had the nerve to burp.  It took all I had to not throw up everywhere!  It was a lot of fun and we laughed the entire time.

Displaying 20140622_133105.jpg

This guy walked right up to our car and stuck his head into the sunroof.  I guess he was happy he didnt have to bend so low to get his food.  He was pretty skittish and wouldn’t let us pet him.  Bummer

Displaying 20140622_133312.jpg

The zebras were very bossy.  You cant feed them with your hand (mainly the picture below will tell you why) and when they showed up, other animals moved without question.

Displaying 20140622_133440.jpg

Displaying 20140622_134119.jpg

Displaying 20140622_134148.jpg

Displaying 20140622_134219.jpg



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Chair Flipping

As you know, my dining room hasn’t had much mention here on the old blog.  Mainly because I haven’t done much with it since getting our new table.  I did refinish a chair we bought at a consignment shop, but then the room sat.  And I will be honest….it is going to continue to sit until we have come up with a seating plan for that room.  I am going back and forth with ideas.  Bench seating, more chairs, build a banquet?  All these things I have been thinking about, but I have had so many other things, I haven’t moved forward.

My goal this summer is to at least replace all the black chairs I have with something lighter.  I could just paint them, but they were all cheapy chairs.  Two from IKEA, two we found in the trash (and wobble like crazy), and two that my mom gave me that just won’t work out.  Here is what we are working with:


Every time we go out looking at anything Goodwill/consignment/Restore/etc, I am always looking out for a chair.  My mom happened to find a chair she was going to use for a flower pot, but thought it would look cute in our dining room.  I thought so too.

Displaying 20140526_083415.jpg

It was cracked down the middle and while we tried to fix it, we have to refix it because the wood we used was too thick and is popping back out.  But in the meantime, I threw some wood filler in the crack and deglossed every inch.

Displaying 20140526_083655.jpg

Displaying 20140526_092216.jpg

I didn’t have the exact color I used on the first chair (because it was an oops color) but I had white and that was close enough.  I toyed with painting it a light blue, but I got nervous!  Once it was done being painted, I stared at it for a minute and thought something was missing.  I grabbed any of the stencils I had on hand and played around.



IMG_7598I have some fabric for a pillow I could sew for it, but I am going to wait until I decide what the future holds for seating in this room.  Hopefully this summer we will come to an agreement and create a plan!!

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98% Complete

Last week I alluded to some good news in my life and good news is what I need right now.  I have informed those that need to be informed, so now I can tell all of you.  Yes, BEFORE I facebook it to the world.  You should feel special!!

Late last week I was offered a new job.  It is a step up for me with what seems like a great company.  My work stress will hopefully diminish to much lower rates and my motivation in life will come back.  The last year I have been busting my butt at work only to find myself completely drained and depleted when I get home.  I would have no interest in much of anything.  Then the bad days started to take over the good days and I was miserable.  I would tell so many other people that you control your own happiness and now was the time I needed to listen to myself.

Anyways, can you believe it has been a year since we bought the house?  I can’t.  I have put a lot of cosmetic work into our sweet little abode and I have come to the realization that TWO of the rooms are almost 100% done.  It is crazy to think because I was so overwhelmed at the idea of being able to decorate and PAINT the walls.  All the rookie questions came into my head, “what if I pick the wrong color?, what if it looks too hodge podge?” Maybe I should stop rambling and show you one of my favorite rooms in the house, the living room.  It is a small and cozy room, but it has come a pretty long way since it’s birth.

Looking from the kitchen to the dining room and living room

Looking from the kitchen to the dining room and living room




Here are the images from a month after we moved in.  I had no idea what I wanted to do with this room.  My mom came over one day and made me hang pictures one day just to give the room something. HA!

Then I flip flopped on which room I should start working on because I was overwhelmed and did not want to make the wrong choice.  I decided I would make some sort of novice mood board and see where that took me

living room2

The room did not end up QUITE like the mood board, but at least it gave me ideas on what to experiment with. Here is the living room today.  The only thing that will bump it up to 100% complete is finding an end table and repainting my lamp


As you walk into the front door you are greeted by a very comfortable loveseat and my Pottery Barn knock off wall art. IMG_7609

Our entertainment wall.  The cable is actually on the other side of the room, but there was a terrible glare on that side thanks to the window, so we had to have another outlet installed on this side so we could hang the tv.  I FINALLY got around to hanging a coat rack for our bags and coats.  I was thinking about adding a bench below, but I do not want to clutter things up more than they already are.IMG_7610

I had the perfect basket to hold some of my bike gear.  This was in another room, but I like to have it near my bag and the front so I can grab and go.  IMG_7611

There is something about this corner that makes me feel so cozy.  I found the most perfect end table for next to the loveseat at consignment that holds the lamp originally made for the guest room, but the lamp I had in here did not fit the space.  IMG_7614

The other side of the room.  I am still in love with my little vintage trunk and all of it’s imperfections.  The brown chair was a steal at the store and is the perfect looking recliner.  I personally cannot stand recliners because to me they look like a pile of poo.  IMG_7615

This room is so warm, I can’t help but smile when I walk into it.  Plus, it has AWESOME lighting.IMG_7616

Here is the lamp and the end table that need a change.  I am going to spray paint the lamp soon and I need to start looking for an end table.  Of course, now that I have told the universe this, I will not find an end table anytime soon!IMG_7617This room will never make it into the ranks of being magazine worthy, but I love just how cozy I feel in it everyday.  The best part: it is almost done!!

Is there anything you would add/take away??

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Next Week

My heart is so full of happiness right now.  Even though today is unlucky Friday the 13th, two great things have happened.


But I cant share until next week!

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I REALLY Miss Weekends

This year I made one small goal for myself, create a better work/life balance.  That has gone out the window.  I have worked every other weekend this year (with the exception of three) and I have worked myself so hard.  This of course means I am really far behind on things I want to get done around the house, personal life, etc.

My running mojo is completely gone.  I have had nothing but bad runs lately and I just can’t get as excited as I was a few weeks ago.  I still have to train for the Peachtree Road Race July 4th, but after that, I am not sure.  I did not run a single run last week because I was so busy with work.  It isn’t a good excuse, but I am on my feet all day when it is show time (and we had two this weekend I had to run) and going for an actual run seems like torture.  I hate this feeling.  I was DYING to run a marathon this year, but right now I cannot imagine even training for a half.

I have a few fun house updates to share with you all, but everything is sort of at a stand still because we spent too much on springtime fun.  I also have some really fun plans to share with you once I finally get around to brainstorming them.

In the meantime, I am getting ready for ANOTHER busy month (wait, it really hasn’t slowed down), but I am getting down to planning my birthday.  It is indeed a big one this year, 3-0!  I haven’t done anything for my birthday since my 25th, so I thought it would be a great idea to do something for this one.  Here are some images from my Pinterest board showing the direction I want to go:

Gold spray painted ikea or thrift store frames with chalkboard painted inside or b photos   #adult party cute decor for adult birthday party   Black and Gold Paper Straws 25 Stripe by LetsPartyCreations, $4.00   300 Sunny Days: 30th Birthday Party   NEW YEARS EVE :: GOLDEN GLAM DINNER PARTY   Glamour, trendy holiday party design style Black. White. Gold   Black/white cups   Black And Gold Party Theme | edible glitter   Antique Gold Garland - Caramel Brown - New Years Garland - Christmas Garland - Party Garland - Festive Garland   That sign is the theme for my 30th   gold balloons | Balloons   Pink & Gold Bubbly 30th Birthday Party // Hostess with the Mostess®   Made from inexpensive gold party fringe found at party stores, this sparkly backdrop has an especially glam look! Get the how-to at Wood & Grain   Black, white, & gold dessert bar   Grammys



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Our Yard: The 10 Year Project

I am so looking forward to a three day weekend so I can get a few things done in our yard.  Wouldn’t you know it that on the week of our one year house (and wedding) anniversary, our lawn mower decided it just didn’t want to work anymore.  And of course the grass knew what was up and grew like crazy with some of the rain we had a few weeks in a row.  Needless to say, we are THOSE neighbors.  At least we do live in the city where HOAs do not exist and there are other yards worse off.

Right now the yard is actually irritating me because I dont really know what to do and it is EXPENSIVE!  I’m about to bombard you with pictures and hopeful plans for this current jungle of mine

IMG_7574Here is our yard looking out from the backdoor.  It is a really awesome sized lot for living in the city.  Very naturous (yes, a word) and very quiet!  Notice how TALL the grass is.

IMG_7575My plan here is to start over.  The first third of the yard is planted with bermuda sod that died and the back two-thirds has everything and anything growing.  It is really hard to walk back there, so we have to have it grated, tilled, and flattened.  I think you read the same thing I did, $$$$.

Another view from the back door.  The dreaded hill that I hate so much.  I can’t begin to tell you how much trash is start to erode out from under the depths.  IMG_7576Here is a few of the side yard.  There is absolutely NO sun over there and it really irritates me that the seller placed bermuda grass over there.  If you do not know anything about grass, bermuda is a temperamental little bastard.  It died after last year and thanks to the grating of this spot, it floods, bad.

My plan for this section is to essentially turn it into a shade garden.  I want to kill all of the grass and extend the path from the gate to the back.  I will plant shade loving plants and maybe even place a fire pit over here. First though we have to add some drainage to stop the water from poolingIMG_7577The patio.  I decided to leave it the hot mess that it is because I am being lazy today.  My plan here is to update the pillows, clean the cushions/dye them a darker color, buy a rug, lighting, add more character.  IMG_7578What a mess!!  Can you see the line of what was sod and what was seed?  It was a pain it is right now because it is essentially mud when it rains!!  We are going to sod the whole yard, but we need to save up for this venture first.  
The hill.  Sigh.  I never knew this hill would bother me so much.  I am trying to work in sections just so I am not so overwhelmed with what I need to do with it.  There have been signs of erosion, so I have a few years left to act.  The section in the picture I planted everything you see.  Two tall bush trees (ugh I forgot their names), three azaleas, one hydrangea, rosemary, and a few creepers.  I need one more azalea bush and a few more creepers in this section to hopefully slow the erosion down. I also need to build out the bed with stone


Check out our garden!  I am so proud of this.  We dug the tiers out with our bare hands and spent a lot of time prepping these beds to move up from the crappy clay we have to work with.  The tomatoes are still green, but the plant is about 3′ tall and have 14 maters growing.  I just pulled all the lettuce because it reached it’s mature age and need to replace it with something else.  Our cucumbers came back strong, but our strawberries aren’t really producing.  We also have peppers, tons of onions, blackberries, kale, and spinach

We have to finish out the path between the tiers and build the back wall to the top tier to hold the hill up.  I have the wood for that, just need to actually do it.  Then we would like to build steps going to the second tier. IMG_7581

There is talk about building two more of these, but that will be my limit.  It was really hard!!IMG_7582

This is the wall to our bedroom.  If I had my way and unlimited money, I would build out a porch and install french doors from our room.  I dont have all the money, so I will have to settle with mulching the bed and building a stone wall around it.  IMG_7583

The other side of the house.  This is where I pushed all of my leaves to.  Nothing is growing back there and I dont think anything can.  I toyed with installing  a putting green there, but I dont know if that would hurt resale. IMG_7584

Our little shed.  This was a week project in the heat of August last year, but so worth it.  We do not have a garage, so this has been a life saver.  I’d like to build a bed around the side of the shed and extend it along the fence.  First, I will need to chicken wire the space under the shed to keep my kitties out.  IMG_7585

I transplanted the plants next to the shed from my mom’s yard.  Apparently they reproduce like crazy and I could use some vegetation over there.  The biggest problem is the magnolia tree in the lot next to us.  The leaves are a PAIN and stink when they start rotting. IMG_7586

This is the other side of the shed.  NOTHING will grow here either, so part of me wants to extend some outdoor storage over there so we dont have to deal, but I have no immediate plan.  We also need to build out the bed where I have planted my creepers and jasmine.IMG_7587


The hill seems to collect a lot of kudzu, so I have to keep on top of keeping it rounded up until we get things planted on it.  I would love to tier it off, but that is a costly project.  IMG_7590

IMG_7591The fence on the wall (which I do not think is ours) has a bit of a gansta lean to it, so I would like to tighten that up and it would be super awesome to put a smooth, top coat on the wall.

First and foremost, we need to mow the dang grass!!!

Plans for the immediate future:

  • clean up and spruce up the patio
  • add outdoor lighting
  • replace back porch lighting/replace burned out bulbs
  • add a border to the back and bedroom flower bed
  • finish quadrant one of the hill

Plans for the future:

  • Till, level, sod the yard
  • build a shade pathway on the side of the house
  • add two more garden tiers
  • plant on the hill to stop the kudzu and erosion
  • add a border to the hill
  • build out a bed around the shed
  • hope someone buys the lot next to us so they have to remove some of the trees to build
  • remove the tree stump on the hill
  • build a path on the side of the house

Plans for the not forseeable future because we wont be in the house long enough:

  • extend the patio
  • build another seating area in the yard with pergola
  • replace the wall
  • do something with the dead side yard on the other side of the house

So it looks like we have our work cut out for us.  Anyone have a landscaper friend?!?!

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My Midwest Travels

Hey hey!  I seriously cannot stand jet lag.  For some reason going North to South kills me every time and I am still somewhat exhausted.

Last Thursday, my sister, Matt, and I headed off to Chicago for my cousin’s wedding.  In case you lost count, my dad’s side of the family still lives there and I lived there for the first 14 years of my life.  We arrived pretty late on Thursday, but it was an uneventful trip in.

Friday we had plans to take my other sister to the Cubs game since that was one of Matt’s requests, to see Wrigley Field.  When I woke up (which was early because the sun was up at around 5:30 am) I looked out the window to see if it was raining like they said and sure enough….it was SNOWING!!!!  May 16th and there were huge, fat flakes falling from the sky.  I was in total shock.  I cannot remember a time when it snowed in May up there, cold yes, but not snow!  Needless to say, I was poopy pants for sure.

We headed downtown and froze our butts off at the game.  Thank goodness for the hot chocolate vendors in the stands!

We decided to call it a day after the 7th inning stretch and meet my dad back downtown for dinner.  We were cold and wet and no one was really interested in the Cubs (Braves fans in my house).  We jumped back on the train, had an amazingly filling dinner at Miller’s Pub, and then headed down to Navy Pier.

With the weather being as poopy as it was, I was surprised it was as clear as it was.  We jumped on the Ferris Wheel for a few photos and decided at 9:30 it was time to head home.  My legs needed a good rolling after all!!

Saturday my dad, sister, and I woke up early because I signed us up for a race.  This was my sister’s first ever race and chose to run the two miler.  My dad and I opted for the 8k.  First mistake: letting a 13 year old pace my first mile.  We were flying.  BUT….BUT I may have figured out the leg cramping issue.  Dehydration.  At mile 1.2 I noticed my legs were going to give me issues, so I started drinking the water bottle my sister did not want.  I felt so much better.  So I kept drinking every time there was even an inkling of tightness until I stopped feeling pain.  Of course, I was VERY full of water and wanted to barf everywhere.  I made it 5.02 miles in 1:05.  Must work on that time!

Photo: It's not that great of an idea to let a 13 year old pace your first mile! Way to go Karli for running your first race!

I was very exhausted after and wanted to nap, but napping is not something I can do after a run.  We all laid down for a little bit and then my sisters and I went to get our hair done for the wedding. Once done, we hopped in a limo and headed downtown to my cousin’s wedding at the Sears Tower.


It was a nice wedding and had spectacular views like this:


Photo: Beautiful sunset over a beautiful city at a beautiful wedding

Photo: Looking straight down from the top floor of the Sears Tower

Yep, you are looking 103 floors down to the street.  Those Sky Boxes are crazy scary!

Sunday we were on the go again!  My best friend from growing up lives in Milwaukee and it was high time we saw her and met her baby.  I must say, Milwaukee is a very cute town.  We drove around a bit and saw some of the sights.  I also threw her daughter a small surprise cupcake party for her first birthday.

Monday we headed back to Atlanta and I am still trying to catch up on sleep.  I am feeling very lazy and useless.  Oh, and broke.  Very very broke.  It was a fun little trip, but reminded me yet again about how I would never move back.  Let me remind you why….SNOW ON MAY 16TH!!!!!

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Updating a Lamp Shade

There are so many fun projects going on in our guest room, but I am not ready to reveal the whole room to you mainly because it is not complete.  I love watching the progress of rooms come together, but this one I want to wait until it is together and then piece everything together for you.

One of the many things that needs to be taken care of in this room is the lighting.  Right now I have your standard boob light on the ceiling and while that works for now, it does not work for me.  I am waiting for a ceiling fan sale (because I cannot get a chandy for in there….wayyy too stuffy)

I have this lamp.  He is a lamp without a purpose.  I bought him from Target a few years back as a small desk lamp, no thrills, no frills.

IMG_7484Sexy, right?  Just look at that huge stain on the shade.  MMMMIMG_7485I didn’t want to see the lamp go because it worked perfectly fine, but my cheapo self did not want to fork money over for a new shade.  I did what every DIYer would do.  I said “Hey, I can do that myself!”

I went through my fabric stash and found some fabric I bought at IKEA a year or so ago that fit the colors of the room almost perfectly.  Supplies were gathered and demolition began.


 I used my xacto knife to tear the shade off and found it pretty easy to remove.  I kept as much of it together in case I needed it again for size reference.

Once I took the shade off, I used it to measure out how much fabric I needed and cut a little extra just in case.  Now that I cut what I needed, I pinned the fabric to the bottom metal piece.

IMG_7492Here is where I had my DUH moment.  The lamp shade did not hang DOWN from the light blub, it went up.  How was I supposed to make the fabric float in mid air to hold this together?  To the drawing board.

I went to the store and could not find any type of material to use.  Disgruntled, I went onto Hometalk to see what other people may have done.  I found a super cool tutorial on how to make a lamp shade (out of other materials) but the one thing she used to stand it up….wooden skewers!  Why didn’t I think of that????

I cut down my wooden skewers and hot glued them to the metal.

IMG_7493Worked like a charm!  I ended up using the hot glue to adhere the fabric to the metal mainly because it was easy.  It might not be as pretty as others lamp shades, but who is really inspecting?





Some of it is a little wrinkly because it was hard for me to pull as tightly as I wanted, but I think it is a nice pop of color.

Love it or hate it?

 photo 1001954_10101065966207063_96074138_n_zpsa41e371a.jpgI party with Remodelaholic30 Handmade DaysThat DIY Party link party at

City of Creative Dreams

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Stache Dash 2014

I just found out today it is supposed to rain all weekend and that makes me somewhat poopy because I need to Round Up some of the weeds that have been growing where they are not supposed to.  It also means another week will go by without us mowing the lawn.  Our mower is broken and Matt has tried to fix it but now it is leaking gas, so we THOSE neighbors!  UGH!

My running group officially ended this past weekend with a 5k.  We were a 5k training group and we were suggested to pick the 5k race that was affiliated with the running store, but some of us went rouge and signed up for the Stache Dash that was taking place the same day.  Based on the pictures from last year, it looked like a good time.  They also provided VERY STRONG margaritas after your run.

Friday on the way to dinner to meet friends, I got frisky and bought a bunch of mustaches for the group.  I never dress up for races, so it was time to turn over a new leaf.

Yes, I have no idea how to smile with a blob of hair on my face #itisgreattobeawoman

The race itself was very small but EVERYONE dressed up!  We were off to the start and a few things I noticed:

A man was running with his beer WITHOUT spilling
We spied a Taco in the crowd and tried to chase him for a picture
They had us start uphill

In all the excitement, I started way too stinking fast.  I was maintaining a 10 minute mile (which I have not worked up to yet) and we were working the hills hard.  By the time I hit mile one, my stache fell off and I was sucking.  I was so grateful to see the first downhill, but also knew I wouldnt be running without stopping.  I was sort of disappointed in myself.

Once I hit the second mile (UPHILL), I stopped for a second to wait for my friend.  The hills were a little insane and set us up to fail (maybe not most runners, but myself for sure).  We ran/walked a bit for the rest of the way until we hit the last portion of the race….you guessed it….UPHILL!  The last hill was a complete butthole and laughed at us as we ran it.  And ran it we did.  I was happy to see this one done and over with.

Did I mention the FREE margaritas after the race?  Did I also mention how strong they were (which is awesome for free)?  Did I ALSO mention how buzzed I was after the TWO drinks I had?  Dont run and drink without eating first, LOL!


Photobombed by the tall man

As much as I hated they threw these stupid hills in the mix (SO.MANY.HILLS), it was a fun race for a good cause and I will run it again next year.  Hopefully better trained for hills!  Way to throw a stellar party, Tin Lizzy’s!

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The Liebster Award – because I worked hard for this

So you made it through Monday.  Yesterday was my rest day and I took advantage.  As soon as I was done cleaning the kitchen after dinner, I fell asleep on the couch at 7pm!  My body is TIRED!!  My body was not too tired to earn an award though, the Liebster Award.  I worked super hard for this award and I want to thank all of the people and fans involved.  Without you, I would probably be lost in this great big world!  My friend Beth at Discombobulated Running recognized my hard work and presented this award to me during a fabulous award ceremony.  You should have been there!  The lights, the tablescapes, the….Oh, that may have been in my head.  Whatevs.


So here is the Q&A (Beth asked SUCH personal questions.  I feel exposed):

1. What is your go to snack?
Cheese.  I am obsessed with cheese and we never seem to have enough in the house. 
2. What is your favorite at home easy meal to make?
Im lucky, Matt cooks dinner almost every night.  He is home two hours before me, so he has a little more time.  But I love to make baked pork chops, egg noodles with a sauce of sorts, and asparagus. 
3. What is your favorite way to unwind?
Sitting on the couch browsing Pinterest or watching tv.  I really enjoy reading, but if I start too late, sleepy eyes take over
4. How many pairs of running shoes do you currently own?
Two-I have to purge purge purge twice a year, so my old shoes go out with the rest of the givings. 
5. What was the best part of your day today?
I guess I could say I woke up, but the best thing so far was the fact that I got a little cleaning done in the house before work.  Yes, I am a weirdo and like to clean at 6am
6. What was the worst part of your day today?
Being at work.  I should be grateful I have a job, but things are not going well here these days.  I have a big sit down this week to let the boss know.  Blah
7. What time do you get up every morning?
I start to wake up at 5 when Matt’s alarm goes off, but then I go back to sleep when he leaves and officially wake up at 6:15. 
8. What is your favorite tv show?
I had a slight obsession with Parenthood when it went on Demand, but now that I have to wait for this past season to go up, the Big Bang Theory and The Profit are my current faves.  Have you seen The Profit??
9. What is your favorite running route and why?
Right now it is the Atlanta Beltline because it is flat.  I am doing a total disservice to myself for not doing hills, but hills are buttholes.  This upcoming training cycle has to include a lot of hills
10. Who has been your biggest fitness inspiration to date?
Actually, just about anyone that has a fitness/running blog, I am hooked and totally inspired.  I think back to the days when I started running and there was no way in hell I was ever going to run a marathon, but I started reading runner’s blogs and here I am looking at starting training in two months.  TWO MONTHS!  And some of you are doing triathlons….I cant swim but have been totally inspired to take on a duathlon next year
So now I get to pick a few lucky friends to receive the award.  Don’t worry, I am renting out the space now to have the award ceremony!!
Amber at The Girl with the Red Hair
Carina at The Adventures of a German Girl
Lauren at Outside the Frame
Kelly at She Wears a Red Sox Cap
Kim at The Newlywoodwards
Dena at Hearts and Sharts
Jenna at Rain on a Tin Roof
Now for my nosy questions:
1. If you could go anywhere, where would you go?
2. Out of all of your hobbies, which is your favorite?
3. What is your favorite candy?
4. Out of all the social media out there, which is your favorite?
5. What is your dream job?
6. They are filming a movie about your life.  Who would play your role?
7. Speaking of movies, what is your favorite movie?
8. What color do you hate the most?
9. Do you have a hidden talent?  What is it?
10. What was the first concert you attended?
Boom!  Now answer and nominate your friends.
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