I took the plunge!

I have finally come through with one of my idea.  Yesterday I opened up my own Etsy shop.  I am pretty excited about it because it is one of the first ideas I have had that has actually truly come to life.

The name of my shop is Southern Sign Shop.  Pretty easy and to the point, dont you think?  I am selling all hand cut, lightweight, wooden signs anyone can use for their home decor.  Right now it seems the trend is the states I cut out, but I am not limited to that.  I have done a few Georgias (painted with University of Georgia), I am working on an Ohio University along with baby elephants, and will start working on Auburn and Alabama this weekend.

Take a look at my shop to see what is in stock.  I am currently working on a few custom orders which is so exciting!!

Eventually I will have a Facebook page, but for now the only social media it is tied to is Instagram (@southernsignshop) so buyers can watch the progress of their creations!

Here is what I have listed so far (not much):


Again, I am not limited to doing just states or just UGA or even sports.  This is just what I started with. I am also hoping to keep everything at the price point it is at or decrease it soon.  My biggest goal is to figure out how to cut some of my costs.  And take better pictures.  And design a logo…or really have someone take the design I have in my head and make it into a logo.

Shooting for the stars here!!

I do hope you take a look and if you want to see something in the shop, let me know.

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Go Go Go

And we are back.  Dare I say I am sort of over traveling.  It is so exhausting!!!


Later Florida!

It seems like the minute I got back from Vegas, we were back on a plane to St. Thomas.  I will tell you one thing, I do not like flights over two hours (but who does?).  The flight to St. Thomas was pretty uneventful.  Matt and I did not sit together so I watched the movie and wished for us to be back on the ground.



Coming in for our final descent

This was my first time on the island.  My first time really this far south in the Caribbean.  We were there for our best friend’s wedding and with Matt as the groomsman, I knew I would be spending some time alone.  Hey, I spent all that money to be there, why not make the best of it.  The island is very pretty, the resort was beautiful, but one thing that bothered me the whole time was how unwelcomed I felt by most of the guests.  I let it get the best of me at a few different points because I had never felt that way at an event like this.

On Friday, our friend’s sister-in-law and I hung out on the beach and in the pool.  We kayaked, tried to swim in the ocean until a vicious angel fish chased us out.  We hung out in the pool most of the day together and ate a very expensive lunch.  Resort life I guess.

Once the guys got back from golfing, we took a swing at snorkeling (which is a BIG step for me because of my fish fear) and we all tried out paddleboarding (HARD).


Dont mind the duck….he travels with a group of us from work when we go to fun places





Getting fresh with the locals







I will say, I did not fall off the paddle board like the boys did.  Unfortunately, they were green with envy and pulled the board from under me.  Jerks!

The wedding itself was beautiful, but very hot.  For some reason those wonderful sea breezes decided to take a break.




Me and the groom




I was madly in love with their officiant.  He did such an excellent job and not once did he have to refer to his paper.  After talking to him a bit he shared that he does 600 weddings a year.  Ok, so you may have your stuff memorized by now.  Funny thing happened on the way to the reception.  I was walking with wedding coordinator talking about her job and the wedding they host at the resort and she shared with me they were just amping up their marketing and have landed a ton more weddings.  I asked her how many people she has on her team to do so many weddings and she said only two.  I told her my passion obsession for weddings and she said I need to join her team asap and introduced me to her whole staff as the new wedding coordinator.

Could you imagine??

The next day we spent the day in the water snorkeling, playing on the hobie cats (sailboats), and watching Georgia lose to the refs Saturday night.  While out on the Hobie Cat, I saw a loggerhead turtle swim to the surface and we just missed a shark that was swimming on the shore.  A SHARK?!?!  I had JUST gotten out of the water snorkeling!  Had I seen a shark while I was under water the panic attack I would have had would have been so severe, I probably would have drowned.  Granted, it was just a nurse shark, but it was still a SHARK!!  (I have a very unhealthy fear of fish of any kind and just to do as much as I did this weekend was a BIG STEP for me).

It was a fun trip, but I do wish we had more time to save for it.  I was stressed about the money we were spending everyday just to eat.  Breakfast was $70!!!!!!  I think I am going to have to institute another no spend monthS in order to pay all this back.

Now that we are back in the real world, I am not as motivated to deal with work stress and really just want to focus on opening my Etsy shop.  Yea, that is happening.  Something has to bring in money to start my event planning business.

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My thoughts on Vegas

Hi Friends!  I just got back from my crazy trip to Las Vegas only to get ready to turn around and hop on another plane and head to St. Thomas later this week.  I know, poor me.

This Vegas trip was the first time I had ever visited Vegas and that is shocking to so many people for some reason.  I have never had any desire to go to Vegas because of how expensive I heard it was.  I’d rather go to a place that has a lot of historical value, a beach, or the mountains.

20140902_144611 (2)

After my wonderfully long vacation the week before, I took off for Vegas on the 2nd and was asked to stay until the 7th for work.  Just driving from the airport to the hotel, Vegas was not what I expected.  I guess I expected some glamorous place, but it was sort of brown and boring looking.  Granted, I did get in at noon and it is the desert.

We had to work really really long hours while I was there and the first three days we did not have AC in the convention center…….and it was 106 degrees outside.  Needless to say, I was walking around with serious swamp ass and we were all SOAKING wet around lunch time.  When we made it through the first night, we decided to hit up Fremont St (Old Vegas) and see what sort of people watching mischief we could get into.  I actually like Old Vegas.  There was a lot to look at and it seemed like a good amount to do.  We drove past the Pawn Stars shop and ate at what I thought was a yummy place to eat.  It was recommended by a local, which I love.

We made it to the strip the next night and saw maybe a half mile of it.  It was sort of douchey.  And very crowded.  BUT there was that buzz in the air that made it pretty exciting.

20140904_201916 (2)We thought about riding the High Roller Observation Wheel, but after working in that heat for 13 hours and not feeling well from lunch, we decided to walk over to the Bellagio and watch the fountains.

20140904_220111 (2)Do they do longer shows at different times?  The one I saw couldn’t have been more than three minutes.  The Bellagio was so BEAUTIFUL though.  Every inch of it was absolute luxury.  Even the chocolate fountain.  chocoIf they could just hook that up to pour directly into my mouth, I would be happy!!  We ended the night PRETTY early because we had to be into work so very very early the next day.

After another hot and sweaty day, I went to dinner with out client at their hotel and it was so pretty.  Their casino was bright, clean, full of people.  The people were beautiful.  The food was amazing.  Clearly I had hotel envy.  Our food was hotel food, the casino was dark, smoky, and the local gambled there.  It was like a casino in a dark, dingy basement.  Yuck!

Another long day under our belt, a few of us hit up Ellis Island for dinner and boy is it good….and cheap.  $2 beers, $8 plates.  You can’t find that on the strip!  Matt was jealous I sent this picture below.  He wants to go to Vegas so badly and sit in a Sports Book all day.  I have NO idea how to gamble, so I am just lost.


When it was time to leave, I sat and thought about how I felt about Vegas.  My conclusion was that I need to visit Vegas on a personal trip.  A trip where I have more energy to go out and stay out.  A trip where I bring more than $2 to gamble with (which I lost in 30 seconds).  I liked it, but I can see why most of my colleagues hated it.

Have you ever been to Vegas?  What was your favorite part?  What was your least liked part?

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Before and After: Furniture Flip

Happy Labor day to my friends!  I hope you all have enjoyed your long weekend.  I had an amazing week and change off this last week and I wish it was not coming to an end.  I did have two pretty stressful moments occur when I decided to check on my work email, but other than that, the week was bliss.

This project was done about 236 years ago, but I am just getting around to blogging about it.  I like to think I am time efficient!!  The one thing we desperately need in this house is storage, especially in the bathrooms.  I dont know why this house came with as little storage as it did, but it did.  So as the story of my life goes, med cabs are pretty expensive.  Or really tacky looking.  These projects always seem to be when I stop looking for something I end up finding it.

Back in MAY my mom and I went to Goodwill to find whatever.  Out of the corner of my eye I saw this cabinet thing sitting on a table.  It was glorious and perfect to be a medicine cab.  I think it was the hutch to a desk of some sort, but I break the rules and turn things into something else.

Wanna know the best part?



20140615_095509I was bound to make this work in our bathroom.  It had everything we needed.  So I got to painting.  I used the same paint I had left over from refinishing the Hoosier cabinet (Valspar white paint and primer) and need many many coats.  First, I did take the doors off, the metal and hardware off.  I deglossed everything (my go to on all paint jobs) and rolled on the first coat.

This piece had a special scent to it, so it was nice the paint could cover that up.  I did skip sanding it down a bit and I paid for that when this lovely color started bleeding through.  I lost count on how many coats I actually applied.

A lot.  Maybe five.

I spray painted the grate and hardware a metallic silver because the original was really dated

It took a weekend to complete with all the coats and what not.  We did add a little support on the back as the back was not solid wood.  I don’t want cabinets to come crashing down on me after my relaxing shower….








IMG_7668All of our medications have a home!  It is nice and high that when children come over to visit they won’t be able to rummage through the cabinet like a visiting adult would.  (Do people still do that?)

I am happy to announce that it also does not have that interesting smell to it.  You know the smell……….


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Finally it’s FRIDAY!

I know it has been a minute since I posted.  A lot has been going on here and I am SO GRATEFUL I have a week off from work next week.  It is long overdue and well deserved.  There is a lot of tension and hostility here and I am so glad I can remove myself from that for a week.

Since our last visit,

I have planned a craft brunch with some of my wonderful girlfriends in honor of football season starting back up (GO DAWGS!).  We have two crafts we are going to create and that is all I can say right now.  I have NO idea how my wood cutting skills are going to turn out, so I dont want to show you inspiration and it falls completely flat.  BUT you can check out what I have on my Pinterest page.  Ive pinned a few of the things we are making.

Here is what we made last year:

Last week I spent the week in Louisville for work to help with a show they had a deadline for.  It was SO NICE to work in an office where people communicated, there was no yelling or paper throwing, and they had air conditioning!!!  Plus it was great to work with friends.

The next few weeks are going to be very busy ones….and very expensive ones:

I have my to do list ready for my vacation which includes a ton of house maintenance projects and purging my closet.  There is a lot of cleaning and painting going on next week.  Plus, I have to make a wedding shower gift…and one for me because I love it so much!  ha

Then we have the lovely Labor Day weekend and I ship out to Las Vegas for a show.  It will be a total bachel0r pad at my house that week.

Once I am back from Vegas, we have a wedding to attend….in St. Thomas.  I was not going to go at first because it was just too expensive and we were only given two months to save for the trip, but I was guilted into going by the groom last week.  You think the gift I am going to make is suitable enough?  Or do I also need to buy a gift from their registry?  I would assume a wedding this expensive for guests, the attendance is gift enough…..

We started talking about taking a day trip up to North Georgia in October during the apple festival since apples are a big deal up there.  We wanted to make a weekend out of it, but of course we were late coming up with the idea and there is no where to stay.  We were going to do the vineyards and apple festival, but now since we are going to be driving back the same day, we can only do the apple festival.  I think it will be a lot of fun.

I bought new running shoes……..

Im making a running plan.  Nice and easy and it will end with a half marathon next year.  I had hoped to run a marathon this year, but it ended up really difficult because my damn shoes screwed up my legs and I had to take a step back.  Plus, for distances like that, I do not have a running buddy and I don’t want to spend money on a once a week running group.  Ive trained for a 1/2 alone before, so as lonely as it will be, I know I can do that.

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Guest Room: The FINAL Reveal

I can finally say a room in this house is complete!  I am actually really proud of this room because it is a room I would never have envisioned myself doing.  I am pretty much a Safety Sally when it comes to paint and designs, so this room has been a challenge.  It is very different, but I think it is fun.  Everyone should have a fun room in their house!

Mr. does not like the cabinet at all.

This room will change one day (not in the near future, but it will be a nursery), so I am going to enjoy it now.  Here is the room before painting day.  It is a great sized room but the yellow just got to me.  It has the one window and doesn’t get very much light in the summer with the wooded lot next to us.





I shared this post on this room on the inspiration of the space after giving this space a year to sit.  And sit it did.  This became a dumping ground for everything.

Blah blah blah.  Let’s get to the room.

First, I painted the three walls I was not putting the stencil on white.  I got two gallons of pure white paint/primer from Behr with primer and I have to be honest, I was not thrilled with the quality.  I struggled with each coat to cover up the walls. Maybe it was a bad day for paint, but I think it took me almost three coats to do all of this.


20140416_172018After the white was done, I painted the soon to be accent wall in Behr’s Restless Sea.  What a yummy color!  I toyed with leaving it, but had that stencil waiting in the wings for me



Once the navy blue was up, it was time to start stenciling.  This was the first time I have ever stenciled a wall, so I was way nervous.  I read and reread the through directions Cutting Edge Stencils provided and said to heck with it…it’s just paint!

The first row was easy.  And the second. And the third.  By the time lunch came around, I was flying through this.  One thing I recommend highly that they suggest is to use spray adhesive on the back.  It makes for such a clingy hold.


20140417_140017The areas I found myself really frustrated at was the bottom, top, and corners.  The stencil does not bend in an easy way and after a few sloppy tries, I just cut it up so I could finish.  Not my best work, but it isn’t noticeable unless I show you or you have your nose stuck to the wall.  And if that is the case, why is your nose stuck to my wall?



Everything else, I will let the pictures speak


















Don’t mind the kitties.  They were waiting for me to leave so one could take his nap and the other was waiting for me to put his food bowl back on the dresser (temporary location to keep away from the dog).

Shopping list:
Nightstands: Craigslist
Stencil: Cutting Edge Stencil Tamara Trellis
Wall Paint: Pure White and Restless Sea by Behr Home Depot
Wall lights: IKEA ARSTID
Mirrors: Target
Dresser: Rooms to Go 16 years ago
Wall shelves: IKEA
Lucy cabinet: My grandma
Bedding: Marshalls, IKEA, Target (pillow)
Curtains: IKEA

AHH This room is done!!  I am so happy to have one room done in this house.  Now the question is, who is coming to visit?!

(Don’t worry, the black chair will be moved out as soon as a replacement is found.  The nightstands might be refinished to match the dresser one day.  I will put euro pillow shams on those pillows.  Kitties were immediately fed and napped after the taking of these photos)


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Back to Running

Running and I have a weird relationship.  I love it, it doesnt love me.  Really I think it is the shoes that don’t love me.  I am very good about making sure I am properly fitted in the right shoe for my foot/body/form and most times they get it right.  I think this last time they got it wrong.  Really wrong.  I joined a 5k running group with my local running shoe store (where I got my Brooks) and did pretty well.  I noticed towards the end of the training cycle, my legs were tight not too long into the run.  I rolled, I stretched, I even had Matt take the rolling pin to my calves, but could never figure out the issue.  Maybe I was dehydrated?

I joined the 10k program right after the 5k because I made it into the Peachtree Road Race on July 4th.  It was a terrible cycle.  My legs left me in the back of the group.  I had to stop all the time and was frustrated more than you can imagine.  We chopped it up to not running enough during the week and I decided I was done running YET AGAIN after Peachtree.

I signed up for Peachtree with two friends, so at least I could have someone to walk with if I needed to.  But then the week of the race, they both bailed for their own reasons.  Crap.  I toyed with the idea because the longest run I had been on was five miles at that point and my legs gave me hell 2 miles in.

But I would not let that stop me from running the race.  I love doing this race and it feels great to start my favorite holiday off like this.  The atmosphere of this race is amazing!

The night before I had a thought…..what if it was my shoes?  My running coach mentioned it a few times during our runs, but we weren’t ready to jump the $120 shoe gun just yet.  So that night, I didn’t roll my legs out, I did hydrate as much as I could, I didn’t do anything special.  All I did was lace up the shoes I was in before my Brooks.  They were worn down from use, but I never had leg problems in them before.

I headed to the start of the race (which was very cool for July 4th) and started running.  After mile three I noticed there was NO pain.  I walked up heartattack hill (and I am not ashamed) and started sucking towards the end because I did not have enough sugar, but no leg pain.  How could every other run before this give me pain but not this one?  It was the shoes I tell ya!  I have noticed a difference in the way I land on my feet with my old shoes!

My time was 1:20 which was awesome for sucking from the heat AND being sick that week.

IMG_20140704_064724   IMG_20140704_100411

I have taken a small break since the race (thanks to work) but I think I have found a shoe I should stay in (Asics GT-2000).  I think I am going to save a few bucks and at the end of August when things have calmed down at work, I am going to buy a new pair of shoes similar and start this rodeo again.  Who knows, maybe I will be able to start training for a certain half I saw next spring.

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IKEA Hack: Wall Lights

Happy Friday!  I am dying for the weekend to start so I can get a few more things done around that house and recharge my batteries.  I want to start with a clean slate before I start working the Chore Chart next week.

Exciting news for me….my guest room post was featured on Cutting Edge Stencil’s blog today!  I am pretty stinking pumped.  Luckily, the room is ALMOST done, so I will soon show the full before and afters.  I have just a few more things I need to do and then I’m moving onto the next room (oh wait….I already have).

In my guest room I wanted to add some elements of gold because I am madly in love with Navy Blue and gold.  I have to say this one thing about lighting, it is damn expensive.  I mean, seriously, I must be really cheap or out of touch because my jaw dropped when I saw the prices for the lighting I wanted to add to this room.  I didnt want to add lamps to the side of the bed (been there, done that), I couldn’t add anything over the bed (ceiling fan), so I had to use a wall mounted light.  Luckily for me, I had two laying around wondering if they were ever going to see the light of day again.  Get it, light.  Wow!  Someone needs to start their weekend.

Do you remember my cute little IKEA lights originally seen in our master bedroom many moons ago?

IMG_6956But since moving two times since this picture was taken, that headboard broke and my lights ended up homeless and collecting dust.  I really had no where to put them until I started planning out this guest room.  The problem with the lights was they didnt have that feeling the room was bound to have.

Then I ran into this post from Shine Your Light and how she hacked the same lamps I had….with the same color I was dreaming of!!  Great minds….  (ps her tutorial is WAAAY better than mine because I failed on taking picture.  Sometimes I just get lost in the moment)

IMG_7592My sad little lights were ready for a little makeover!  The metallic gold spray paint was a little pricey for me, so I did buy the next best spray paint called Champagne Gold color at Home Depot.

IMG_7595I took everything apart and taped just as she suggested in the tutorial.  The only thing I ended up changing mid project was taking the painters tape off the shades.  The paint did not stick to the tape the way I wanted it to and it looked unfinished for me.  Maybe I did something wrong?

IMG_7594Make sure to tape up your cords.  I feel like mentioning that because in my rookie days, I wouldn’t have done that.

Then I sprayed and sprayed and sprayed.  It took a few good coats to get things how I wanted.


After giving it over night dry time, I was only feeling ok with how it turned out.  I was worried they were going to look off or too dark.




I have actually been warming up to them.  My sister pushed me over the edge of liking them more when I heard her reaction when she came into the room.  What is really cool is Target had the mirrors I have hanging over the bed in almost the exact same color.

So there is my version of the Arstid Ikea Lamp hack.  All that is left with this is to buy the cord covers to mount on the wall.  Well all that is left for this particular project, the room….not much left actually.  GASP!

Next up….getting that ceiling fan installed!  Even if I have to do it myself!

The Idea RoomTiny SidekickItsOverflowingSetting for FourThat DIY Party link party at diyshowoff.comtutorials & tips buttonWORK IT WEDNESDAY


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The Chore Chart

It has come to this, friends.  I officially have becoming overwhelmed with keeping up with the simple things in my house.  I am falling behind on getting such simple things done and it is starting to consume me.  I think the main problem I am having trying to keep my house clean (with NO kids mind you) starts at the beginning of the day.  I may have said something before here but when I go to work, I have no air conditioning.  I sit in a hot, sweaty office all day with no AC.  I have brought this up numerous times to the higher ups, but I have seen zero progress.  When you sit in a hot, sweaty office in these Georgia summers, you get really tired really quick.  By the time I am ready to leave for the day, all I have the energy for is to change into yoga pants, eat my face off, and plop on the couch.  It is maddening!  I hate it!  When I do that, I watch a little part of the organized me fly away into the sunset.

Last night I was unable to sleep (yet again) and was laying in the guest room so I wouldn’t keep Matt up scrolling through Pinterest.  I came up on this pretty awesome cleaning schedule from First Home Love Life that is not as overwhelming as “clean the whole house in one day.”  It breaks up each day and I like that.  I think I actually like the idea of breaking up laundry throughout the week instead of taking two days to do it on the weekend.  Ok, let’s be honest, it takes two days to wash and then two more days to fold and put away.

She has a free printable at the bottom of her blog post.  I went ahead and printed one because it is really cute and I need that reminder…every.single.day.

I haven’t used a chore chart since my freshmen year of college when six of us were living in the dorms together and one roommate demanded the space be clean.  Then I hated it, but really liked it because I never had to worry about dishes all in the sink and how many times I have vacuumed while others haven’t.  I think I just didnt want to be bossed!

Now, with my exhaustion running at an all time high and a whole house to keep somewhat spotless, I need structure back in my life.  And to do a deep cleaning in there.

How does your cleaning schedule look?  Have you ever used the self-cleaning cycle on your oven?  I have never had a gas oven before, so I have no idea what to expect!!


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Hometown Gems: Atlanta, GA

Atlanta is a pretty big city.  There are so many things to do here, so many different types of food to eat, attractions galore, but those are all just mainstream type things.  Tourist attractions.  What about the unknown side of Atlanta that most people (even those that live here) don’t know about?  Well, arent you lucky you know me?

RelayRides approached me with their peer-to-peer car sharing services and asked me to highlight some of my favorite hometown gems.  I love sharing the unknowns of Atlanta because who doesn’t love knowing about a small secret in a big city?! And heck while you are here, you are going to definitely need a car to travel around in (let’s not get started on our lack of public trans in this city).  RelayRides is a program that allows car owners to rent out their vehicle to renters like you when you visit me for a much more affordable price than your big name companies.  Next time I need a rental car, I have bookmarked their website for the next bit of traveling I do because I am always on a budget when I travel.

So you’re coming to Atlanta you say……

If you have never been before, you could easily hit up the tourist attractions (Stone Mountain, World of Coke, the Aquarium), but why not come to my side of town?  I live on the East side of the city and every inch of it has something amazing to show.  Again, it is funny how many long time residents of Atlanta know nothing about the city itself.  It happens.  They live in the sprawling suburbs and never get to venture into this part of town.  Boy, people are missing out!  My side of town is artsy, historical, and has tons to do.

We would have to get breakfast (or something late night) at Delia’s Chicken Sausage stand.  Holy smokes, she makes a mean chicken sausage.  I tend to find myself getting breakfast there each time, but they have a killer menu.  Her restaurant is small and very unassuming on my side of town, but we keep coming back for more!  (Embarrassing fact: we were there so often, they recognized us instantly).  And if you are not in the mood for chicken sausage (or you are and stuffed yourself to the gills), they have this AMAZING cupcake milkshake.  Amazing is not a strong enough word for how awesome these shakes are.  They have a flavored cupcake of the week, along with standard flavored cupcakes that they drop into a cup of ice cream and blend.  I have to stop there because my sweet tooth is acting up!!  Good thing I packed fruit for a snack today!

Red Velvet Cupcake Milkshake



The breakfast special…..Eggs, chicken sausage, homemade biscuits, and cheesy, dreamy grits

Now that we are stuffed, we may need to walk it off.  My favorite running spot on my side of town is the Atlanta Beltline.  While I haven’t traveled the majority of the route, what I have traveled is nice and a great place to dog watch.  It is flat and great for riding your bike or going for a little run or walk.

Speaking of pups, there is this great people friendly/dog friendly park smack in the middle of the neighborhood next to me called ParkGrounds.  Not only does your pooch get to run around with the other four-legged visitors, you can sit down with your favorite book and drink an iced cold chai tea latte.  Or a beer.  The laid back atmosphere makes it so relaxing and enjoyable.

I took my pup there this week and he suffers from separation and social anxiety, so it was a trip to have him there.

I could tell you about so many other places, but that is not a blog post, that is a book.  Check to see if your area is on the RelayRides Hometown Gems Pinterest page!

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