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I wanted to post on here quite a few times over the weekend with randomosities that I know you all love to pieces, but I have been unable to find anything appropriate to share since Friday.  I have been utterly heartbroken after hearing about what happened in Newtown, CT.  How could anyone be so evil?  I would be lying if I said I dont cry when the news comes on.  Or when they talk about it on the radio.  My thoughts and prayers to go all of those families.

I think tomorrow I am going to go back to my regularly scheduled posting.  In the meantime, here are all the posts from The Budget Savvy Bride that I have posted!!

Our Story

Our Wedding Inspiration

How I asked the girls…which was posted here before


To end this post on a happy note…wedding planning is moving right along.  I think there are only three MAJOR vendors we need to worry about: the officiant, the florist, and the wedding cake.  Everything else is booked.  We have registered for our gifts (this ordeal is for another post for sure!!!).  Everyone has ordered their dresses.  I ordered our Save the Dates and place cards for $7!  Invites had been purchased, but still need wording.

There is one teeny tiny little detail that has not been completed and I dont know if or when it will be done.  Matt only has one groomsman he has asked, his best man.  I have begged and pleaded for him to take care of this, but with no result.  Please tell me other people went through this.  I completely stopped asking because apparently it is not that important for him to ask now.  Sigh

How was your weekend?

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