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I have another element of our bedroom I want to share with you.  I am actually really excited about this project because it was EASY!  I am waiting until I feel like our room is done done until I share with you the final product (which I have a feeling it wont be completed until we actually buy a house).  Since our walls have to stay the basic builder blah beige, I have to get creative for interest.

Lets rewind a bit.  Do you remember the headboard project I completed?  (psst I saw it pinned on Pinterest quite a few times!!!  Thanks!)  I have been half heartedly searching for art for our room because I am at a standstill in there (ie money).

In trying to keep with the mood board Susan created for me last summer, I wanted to pull more elements for the wall off of the board.  Enter the sailboat

I actually took my own pictures of sailboats while we were on the boat to visit Lady Liberty in NYC, but ended up not using any of them because my mom bought me a great poster.  The problem: I didnt want to use the average poster frame.  BORING.

Instead I found a reclaimed wood frame probably destined for a large picture soon to house a poster from Hobby Lobby at 50% off.

Materials Needed:

2 sizes of foam board (depending on your image)
spray adhesive
xacto knife/scissors
your favorite fabric, poster, frame
picture hanging kit

I took the larger sized foam board and cut it to fit the size of the frame.  I will use this piece to wrap fabric around.  The smaller size of foam board will be used to hold the poster

Once the large board was cut (which isnt that easy with regular scissors), I took my fabric (a natural lightweight fabric) and wrapped it around to the back.  Once my sides were in place, I sprayed the adhesive to secure the fabric

Once that is done, just pop it into the frame.  It was a lliittttllee snug to fit, but that means its in there securely, right?

Fitting the poster was a little tricky.  I definitely had a trial and error issue with this.  I cut the bottom edge of the poster to fit the foam board, but noticed how noticeable it was.  I decided to wrap it like I did the fabric to give it a seamless transition instead.

I put this above our bed and I was sort of worried there would be too much wood on wood action on that wall.

I think it works pretty well!  The next issue was the wall next to the bed.  It was pretty bare.  In keeping with the natural theme, I just threw a shadow box I made on that wall.  This box is special to me because it houses my great great grandmother’s spoons from her wedding in 1901.  So wonderful.

Whats left in the room?  Well eventually we are going to buy a house so painting will be a definite.  But now I want to focus on accessories.

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