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Sometimes just hitting the reset button on life is what we all need.  We had a fun weekend away in North Carolina for a ski trip.  We both tried snowboarding for the first time and decided we hated it.  Sorry to my snowboard lovers out there, but skiing is my jam.  I had such a hard time getting down the bunny slope on the board.  Oh well, we found a great east coast, nearby ski slope and will go back again next year.

Getting away for the weekend helped me get back to being excited about all of our house projects.  Oh so many house projects!  Right now we are working on some majors: the master bedroom and our yard/garden.  Both have been somewhat overwhelming because there is a lot of money involved.  And there is also a lot of “I dont know what I am doing” involved.

Here is our plan for the yard (always changing of course):

  • Clean out all of the beds – leaves, crap, branches, death
  • Cut down all of my knockout roses.  If you didnt know, you have to trim those down this time of year to keep a smaller shape (which is what I want)
  • Aerate our front yard.  We are going to try and salvage our grass in the front this year
  • Trench the front yard bed for better drainage.  Im sure I will have a post for this later
  • Throw down premergent and some grass seed to help save the front grass.  Did you know once the ground reaches about 52 degrees F weeds start their seeding?  Our ground is projected to hit these temps after this weekend, so we have to get moving on this.
  • Mulch the front bed, mulch two back beds, and create a bed in the back yard near our shed to keep pesky kitties out from under the shed floor.
  • Prep our newly built garden for planting

We decided we are not going to worry about the grass in the back yard until the fall this year.  We have a ton of drainage issues back there that need our utmost attention before we can even talk about grass.  There is going to be a lot of digging and tilling in our summery futures.

Over the last few weeks, we have been busy building this vegetable garden and it has been a bit of a pain!  See, there is this hill in our yard.  It is 100% unusable space.  It is steep, it is annoying and I hate that we can’t really do much without serious digging.  DSC00604


Luckily there is one area that gets most of the sun during the day, making this space great for a garden.  We bought a bunch of landscape timbers that were on sale for $1 back in May to build a tiered garden.  It sat for a few months so we could figure out exactly what we wanted to do.  Here are a few progress pictures:


20140126_172434Here we are after digging out the first tier.  This was TOUGH because as you can see, we uncovered heavy cinder blocks.  Every time we would start digging, we would hit a full sized block.  Sadly, I think most of our yard is like this.

A few weeks and a few ice storms later, we ventured out to dig the tier above it.



20140209_153625Have you ever had to dig in clay?  OIY!  It is tough work!  Luckily on this tier we did not run into as many cinder blocks as we did on the first.  We also tried a few different techniques to help save man power in getting the timbers mounted together.  We used about 10 rebar stakes in each level holding everything together and stuck into the ground.  These babies aren’t going anywhere!

At this point we are just waiting for everything to go on sale.  We need to buy pavers for the top of each tier so we have a walking path and we are also waiting on timbers to go on sale (they are more than double what we paid) so we can finish the wall in the back.  Matt would really like to build two more tiers next to these, but I am not fond of the idea.  I would like to get the garden growing first.  We have started adding nutrients to the soil and have to wait until this weather stays consistently warm to plant.

I must say, the second tier was a bit of a pain in the butt to dig, but we came from it with some cool to me treasures:

20140209_155433We found an old (probably left from the guys who built the house) liquor bottle, a super awesome milk jug from the Cloverdale Dairy-turned Parmalat-turned closed to an abandoned building, and two Coke bottles: one with painted lettering and the other engraved.  We also found a very retro Fanta bottle, but it was broken and needed to be trashed. We also uncovered the top of a pick axe, a shovel head, some shoes, and a tarp from this hill.  Parts of me thinks there is a body somewhere.   Could you imagine???

And that is where we are with these major projects.  Stay tuned this week!!  I have a SUPER AWESOME giveaway coming!

  4 comments for “Just Keep Moving

  1. Morgan
    February 25, 2014 at 10:10 pm

    Cinder blocks? Seriously? Someone buried them? Oy! The bottles are pretty darn cool though!

  2. February 26, 2014 at 12:06 am

    Ooh, come do mine next! We have tons of clay and unused space. I love the idea of tiered planters!

  3. February 26, 2014 at 11:55 pm

    Great work with the garden bed! looks like a ton of work, but at least you had some cool finds to keep it interesting :). And I don’t think my weeds got the message about 52 degrees….I feel like they started popping up the second the snow melted!

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