Happy Cinco de Derby!

I hope you are all still around reading.  Yes No?  I know, it hasnt been that interesting lately so I guess I cant blame you for being so quiet.

Life got really busy there for a few minutes.  I had a show move in, open, close and move out all in the same week.  Its tough.  Actually its exhausting.

Lets talk about May:

  • This has already been a great start to the month.  I finally had the chance to lay in bed reading book 3 of Hunger Games until 9:30.  Unheard of around these parts.  This is the first real weekend there is NOTHING planned.  I would like to spring clean the apartment, but I guess whatever is floating in the air killing Matt, Barley, and me is supposed to strike again next week.  Total sigh.
  • Tomorrow we plan to head to Stone Mountain and FINALLY start a project Lauren and I talked about (she is already a few places ahead of me…check out her page).  Not to mention, its a BIG hike!
  • Tomorrow also kicks off the start of training for Rock n Roll Chicago.  I am excited.  I am motivated.  I am ready.  Lets hope my leg feels the same way.  I have taken the month off from impact workouts and I took the week off of everything (not by choice).  I have been training myself to wake up at 4:45am so I can hit the gym in the morning vs after work.
  • I plan to see how my leg does before jumping into anything, but I have joined a running group and may sign up for training runs in the next few weeks with another group.  They have speedwork, hills, everything I have been looking for.
  • Something got up my butt last weekend to start a new project.  Hello, there are 5 other ones waiting to be completed.  This one ties in with spring cleaning though.  Its still not done though because my tools have failed me.  I have to finish it by this weekend
  • I am thinking about starting a Twitter account and maybe a facebook page.  What are your thoughts?  Do you like using either of these?

To everyone that is new, welcome!

What are you plans for the weekend?

Do you watch the Kentucky Derby?

Will you celebrate Cinco de Mayo?

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