God Tested……

….and I passed. I went to lunch less than excited to eat what I had brought. Mostly my own fault since I have waited until the point of no return to go grocery shopping. It is truly terrifying how little I have to eat, but this wasnt the test. As I walked into the lunch room all by my lonesome, I noticed the leftovers of this mornings meeting…..3 nearly full boxes of Krispy Kreme Doughnuts. But guess what God…I passed your test! I didnt touch them. Now I may have opened the box to let the delicious aromas drift into my nose, but that isnt cheating! Just one small weekly victory!

Also to note, The Working Girl blog has really gotten me through the day. You really should check them out! They are pretty funny and you relate 100%!

Now to get through the afternoon….at 3 we have a farewell cake from Publix for the interns. You are going to test me again, but I might just fail at this one Big Guy! Lunch was terribly boring and I dont have an afternoon snack heading my way. So you have to throw me a bone…..you cant let a girl starve with Publix cake shoved in her face.
Still working on my never ending to do list for this week and I have a goal starting now to have 3 “messages” sent out by the end of the day. Even if it KILLS me! One day I will find my calling! One day…..

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