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Happy Wednesday! This morning I opened my email to an interesting surprise. I received an APOLOGY email from the Cooper River Bridge Run. Well, we ALL received it. Before I even opened it, I knew it was only going to apologize for the delay in the start. I was right. They said they are investigating the situation and right now anything out on the web is rumor.  We heard there was something on the bridge causing delay.  hmm  How about apologizing for the finish chaos? Thats more important! I did a little looking around and saw comments from people talking about the finish. As expected they said the same if not MORE! Someone made a great point….we had to walk through SEWER water to get to the park! I totally forgot about that.

Anyway, thats not what today is about.  I was scrolling through my list of blogs and saw an offer on Fantabulously Frugal for Food on the Table.  Food on the Table is a meal planning service that literally takes all of the thinking away from you.  WHAT?  Do you remember THIS post?  I told you all how much I hate trying to come up with meal ideas and actually executing them. 

I registered for Food on the Table.  Its free if you register in the month of April.  (The code is already populated but in case its SPRINGFREE).

After I registered (which was very easy), it asked me a few questions.

It asked which grocery stores I shop at and their location. I shop at the Farmers Market mainly for produce and Publix (because its across the street), but I always like a good deal so I check Kroger and Super Target every week.

Then I am asked what types of food I like. 

I left seafood out bc I am the only one and I only eat shellfish

After giving it all this information it tells me where my sales are most likely to be found.

Now the fun part: choosing meals. You can also add your own and it will “shop” for you and tell you which store has the savings. Neat huh?

Once you have added your dinners for the week, it will calculate your total savings. You can now print your shopping list!

Pretty cool that it tells you WHAT the sale item is and what its on sale for. I emailed this list to myself and sent it to Matt for our next shopping trip.

They make an app for this, but I havent been signed up long enough to tell you much else.  I am hoping this helps with the dinnertime woes. 

I will try this out for a little while and see how well I stick to it. 

 For those of you who struggle with dinner, would you use something like this?

(Food on the Table has no idea I reviewed their site.  I havent been a member long enough to really enjoy the full experience.  I saw this pop up, saw it was free, and said “by golly I JUST posted on this and I need to share with my friends.”)

(Yes when I think out loud I say by golly)

(I sure do like reviewing things lately…I hope they dont mind!  They should give me more to review, right?!  Well I bet the CRBR 10k wont give me a race entry EVER!)

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  1. April 4, 2012 at 7:44 pm

    That looks like a fun tool, I’ve never heard of it before.

    • April 5, 2012 at 3:15 pm

      Me either! But it seems like a pretty good tool to help in the kitchen. I guess we will see

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