First 5k Back in

Happy (blech) Monday, guys!  I hope you had a lovely Easter with your friends and family.

I signed up for the Sweetwater 420 5k, which took place this past Saturday, and was also my first race back into this crazy world we love.  But we need to back up to the week of…

Last Saturday I had a great group run with a very large running group.  I love running with this group because there is always someone to run with.  Our group running ends May 3 and I would LOVE to sign up again for the 10k group, but I haven’t decided if I wanted to fork over the cash.

Tuesday I had a solo run and decided to hit the Beltline again.  It was FREEZING cold and the wind was so strong, I had to turn my music up just to hear it.  The run was only 1.5 miles, but I wanted to push my calves into thinking they could do the whole run without stopping.  That they did.  I was super pumped.  The next day I had to take a forced rest day because I was having what seemed like phantom pains in the exact spot I had a stress fracture a few years back.  Im sure they were just psyching me out, but better to be safe than sorry.

Ok, onto Saturday.  I woke up and it was cold.  Cold and rainy.  Not my ideal running weather (I know, Im weird to like hot temps).  I was running this race alone and had no one at the finish line to cheer me on (sad panda) so motivation was meh at best.  I arrived to Centennial Olympic Park about an hour early to pick up my number and I really had nothing else to do.  I waited around a bit and what happens 15 minutes before the start……I had to pee.  Bad.

I left my spot in line for the nearest potty and was so happy to not find a line.  I hate the last minute fake out.

I jumped back in and we were ready to go.

I was sans Garmin and feeling really good about how my body felt.  I feel like if I had worn Garms, he would have made me mad and I would have constantly looked and screwed up my flow.  In the matter of minutes I was already at the first water station (1.5 miles) and had not stopped running for even a millesecond.  I figured I made it this far without stopping, why not go for the whole thing!

Mile 2 was the first spot I saw an actual mile marker and figured, I didnt stop, what’s another 1.1 miles?

Then we hit the hills.  At first they were small ups and downs (didn’t stop).  Then they were up (didn’t stop).  Then I made the second to last turn.  I could see the park, I could feel the finish, I was starting to suck because I was getting overly excited about running this far without stopping and without pain.  That was when I saw the hill.  Dear God, the hill.  I sort of tuned myself out while running it and may have even left my body for a few minutes just to get through.  It was so brutal I was about to ask the woman running with her stroller next to me if I could hold on with her.

But I didnt stop.

The last turn was a slight downhill and it was over then!  I was soooo excited.  I ran a 5k without stopping to take a break.  My body let me do this!

I was so excited that I cashed in my voucher for a free beer and chugged it because my heart was a pumpin!  I wish I had someone there to celebrate with, but had to settle with texting people instead.

My official time was 39:33.  That is the slowest 5k I have ever run (that I can remember), but I am starting over and can only improve from here.

And I didnt stop!

~~My body was really tired for the rest of the day, so I lazed around with the animals, but my legs felt great and more importantly my feet were just fine.  God Bless the foam roller!!~~

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  1. April 21, 2014 at 6:41 pm

    DUDE!! That’s awesome!!! Congrats!!! #nostopping #youtheman

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