My Days are Numbered

I hate facing reality.  It pretty much sucks a big one sometimes. I froze my gym membership.  I am not going the way I would like to go and with EVERYTHING going on lately, I just haven’t had the time (LAME excuse, I know). Sadly, I think the race I am running on July 4th (Peachtree Road Race) will be… Read more →

Sidelined again

Lets focus on some positives before we get into how this post got its name. First: I need you all to buy the new fall scent Glade has come out with, Rosemary Sage.  It is intoxicating.  I happened to run into it when I was grabbing dryer sheets at Target and said to myself we needed a new smell in… Read more →

Irritated with the noninjurable

This is a late and semi frustrated post, but I want to know how you handle something. I love reading and listening to your awesome running stories.  I laugh, I give virtual high fives, and sometimes I get teary eyed at your recaps.  I love when my friends text me and tell me what distance they accomplished or how many… Read more →

Let’s Catch up

Dont worry, I just woke up (its def 9:45am).  I had a hard time sleeping last night and frankly it was nice to sleep in. I wanted to catch you all up on some things going around here (that is if you still read…its been a boring corner Im sure) Running:  I ended up going to the doctor this week. … Read more →