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Back at It

I have given my feet a total of seven months to stay away from running.  Four months to heal from finding out what was wrong with my feet to begin with.  I know taping my toes have completely helped, but they are easily tender the times I forget to tape them up.  My doctor told … Continue reading »

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Lots Going on Here

Everyone is already talking about Christmas in blog land.  Im not mentally there yet.  I have been pinning a few things here and there Christmas related, but only so I can really start brainstorming after Thanksgiving. (ONE) On my long list of things I need to have completed around the house before we host Christmas … Continue reading »

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Six Weeks

Brrrr.  I didn’t realize we were going to skip right over fall and jump into winter.  The leaves haven’t changed color yet and we are already flirting with high 30 degree weather at night.  I’m guessing this winter is going to be a bitter one. Monday I was FINALLY able to make it to my … Continue reading »

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My Days are Numbered

I hate facing reality.  It pretty much sucks a big one sometimes. I froze my gym membership.  I am not going the way I would like to go and with EVERYTHING going on lately, I just haven’t had the time (LAME excuse, I know). Sadly, I think the race I am running on July 4th … Continue reading »

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Missing my old ways

I was sitting in the dentist’s waiting room today reflecting on my old self and how much I miss being the way I was in some aspect. I was a runner.  I went to the gym.  I was in decent shape and loved being at the gym.  There were times were I actually contemplated becoming … Continue reading »

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O is for Overwhelmed

I am suffering from crazy jet lag right now.  I spent the whole week in Albuquerque, New Mexico for work.  Ive never been but heard it was a fun city.  I didnt get to see too much of the city because I was working the whole time, but what I did see was just ok.  … Continue reading »

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Sidelined again

Lets focus on some positives before we get into how this post got its name. First: I need you all to buy the new fall scent Glade has come out with, Rosemary Sage.  It is intoxicating.  I happened to run into it when I was grabbing dryer sheets at Target and said to myself we … Continue reading »

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RnR Chicago Training Week 1

Hi everyone!  I hope you all had wonderful weekends and a great Mother’s Day.  This weekend was fun, busy, and lazy for me.  I was knocked out (not up) again this weekend and this morning by allergies.  I am really sick of them and they can leave anytime. Last week was the first week of training for … Continue reading »

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Irritated with the noninjurable

This is a late and semi frustrated post, but I want to know how you handle something. I love reading and listening to your awesome running stories.  I laugh, I give virtual high fives, and sometimes I get teary eyed at your recaps.  I love when my friends text me and tell me what distance … Continue reading »

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Let’s Catch up

Dont worry, I just woke up (its def 9:45am).  I had a hard time sleeping last night and frankly it was nice to sleep in. I wanted to catch you all up on some things going around here (that is if you still read…its been a boring corner Im sure) Running:  I ended up going … Continue reading »

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