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Home Decor

My Thoughts About Craigslist

Right now I am slllooowwwlly purging my house of all things that I do not need.  The bulk of everything is stuff that we had during apartment living and have no need for now.  Or we replaced it with something nicer/newer/whatever. While we don’t have THAT much to actually host a yard sale, I plan … Continue reading »

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The Scary Backyard

Can I be honest?  I have no idea what I am doing in that dang backyard of mine.  No idea!  I have all the ideas in the world to make this yard work for anyone, but I do not know how to execute. Here is the big scary yard that needs serious taming (from a … Continue reading »

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Black Hole Syndrome

You guys!  I am so happy to say we made it to February.  It was a little shaky there and I had my doubts of surviving the entire month of January.  Now it is time for me to focus on doing the right thing for ME and make some changes in my life. While I … Continue reading »

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Chunky, Floating Shelves

Between here and my post on Hometalk, everyone was so sweet about our laundry room.  I am actually impressed myself I was able to pull it off.  I must say one of my favorite new home improvement tools I used during this flip…..paintable caulk.  I know, weird, but seriously it is something amazing.  I read a … Continue reading »

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The Laundry Room Flip

Sweet friends!  Time to scratch another project off my list and this one was done in record time.  WOO! If you are friends with me on Facebook and Instagram, this is so old news to you, but for everyone else, here is my quick laundry room flip As soon as I finished our dining room, … Continue reading »

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Phase 2 Complete: The Laundry Room

I considered naming this the Laundry Room Saga, but we haven’t gotten that dramatic….yet. This project is on a very strict timeline because I want it done and I have one last project of the year behind it that I am just DYING to start. This weekend I took Halloween off (because it is like … Continue reading »

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Quick Laundry Room Project?

My poor home office is feeling neglected.  I promised to work on it next, but in reality, I am going to work on the laundry room.  This family is in DESPERATE need of storage.  Again, I am so bummed the builders went slack on storage and small custom touches in this house. But of all … Continue reading »

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Finally – A Dining Room that Matches

So about this space.  Yeah, umm, I think I mentioned here that I was going to start working on it AFTER I finished the living room ohhhh about a year ago.  I don’t know how this space got so neglected. Oh wait, yes I do.  I had a hard time deciding what I wanted to … Continue reading »

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Guest Room Makeovers on a Budget

Well fall is in full swing here and so is our dining room makeover.  Can I get a FINALLY!?!  I promised the dining room it was going to have it’s makeover ohhh about a year ago.  Instead I skipped over it and started another room.  I am hoping I will be done in the next … Continue reading »

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The Man Cave

Right now, our little house is pretty small to host a man cave for Mr.  All rooms we use, with the exception of the guest room, is shared space.  I have tried pretty hard to keep the rooms gender neutral and making sure he has had some say with what goes into each room (except … Continue reading »

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