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Home Decor

IKEA Hack: Wall Lights

Happy Friday!  I am dying for the weekend to start so I can get a few more things done around that house and recharge my batteries.  I want to start with a clean slate before I start working the Chore Chart next week. Exciting news for me….my guest room post was featured on Cutting Edge … Continue reading »

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The Plan….Stan

This weekend was so nice to have time to sit around and do nothing, but I need more of it.  I finally put in time off for the end of August, but SO.FAR.AWAY! I am clearly not one to focus on getting one room complete in my house at once, I have to roam from … Continue reading »

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Guest Room-The Not Final Reveal

I hemmed and hawed about showing you the progress I have been making in the guest room.  I wanted to show you the final product, but that is taking just way too long and I am pretty excited.  I still have a ways to go, but it has come pretty far from its beginnings. When … Continue reading »

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The Office Space

I hope you all had a wonderful July 4th weekend!  It was a spectacular weekend for me.  I ran the Peachtree Road race and actually did way better than I expected and may have found out why my legs have been giving me so many problems.  Then we watched fireworks and celebrated my birthday.  Just … Continue reading »

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Chair Flipping

As you know, my dining room hasn’t had much mention here on the old blog.  Mainly because I haven’t done much with it since getting our new table.  I did refinish a chair we bought at a consignment shop, but then the room sat.  And I will be honest….it is going to continue to sit … Continue reading »

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98% Complete

Last week I alluded to some good news in my life and good news is what I need right now.  I have informed those that need to be informed, so now I can tell all of you.  Yes, BEFORE I facebook it to the world.  You should feel special!! Late last week I was offered … Continue reading »

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Updating a Lamp Shade

There are so many fun projects going on in our guest room, but I am not ready to reveal the whole room to you mainly because it is not complete.  I love watching the progress of rooms come together, but this one I want to wait until it is together and then piece everything together … Continue reading »

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A Fun Little Update

But I am not sharing everything with you because I want to actually FINISH and then break it down in other posts! See, if you were my Instagram friend, you would have already seen this super cool update I did a few weeks ago and this post would be old news. I finally got around … Continue reading »

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Setting the Mood

Yes, ANOTHER house project post.  We have been super busy with getting things looking nice around these parts.  We are far from being close to being anything, but we are making progress. One of the items on my list of things I want in my dream home is tons of natural lighting.  Our house doesn’t … Continue reading »

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What a Treasure (Chest)

I told you all a few weeks ago we bought brand new furniture for the bedroom and the living room.  New house, new furniture.  The first year of living in a home will seriously make you so poor. Maybe you remember our old setup: This was just after I painted the living room from the … Continue reading »

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