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Setting the Mood

Yes, ANOTHER house project post.  We have been super busy with getting things looking nice around these parts.  We are far from being close to being anything, but we are making progress. One of the items on my list of things I want in my dream home is tons of natural lighting.  Our house doesn’t … Continue reading »

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What a Treasure (Chest)

I told you all a few weeks ago we bought brand new furniture for the bedroom and the living room.  New house, new furniture.  The first year of living in a home will seriously make you so poor. Maybe you remember our old setup: This was just after I painted the living room from the … Continue reading »

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Queen Anne Gets a Facelift

A furniture flip for your fine Saturday afternoon. Right now, we have a hodge podge of chairs in our dining room.  Two I picked from the trash, two I bought from IKEA (one has since sold), and two are from my parents basement.  All are black and all are hideous. Way back in January, my … Continue reading »

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A Bedroom Update

I am bursting at the seams with excitement with all the house updates we have going on.  If I could, I would show you ALLTHETHINGS in one post, but that is just too much. Since we have been so focused on our bedroom, I will show you where we are and what we have left … Continue reading »

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Spring on the Mind

Hi everyone!  I am currently on week 2 of 2 for working in a row.  I will have this coming weekend off and another three weeks in a row of working without a day off.  It is getting harder and harder to keep taking on more like this. But anyways…. Now that we have jumped … Continue reading »

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Just Keep Moving

Sometimes just hitting the reset button on life is what we all need.  We had a fun weekend away in North Carolina for a ski trip.  We both tried snowboarding for the first time and decided we hated it.  Sorry to my snowboard lovers out there, but skiing is my jam.  I had such a … Continue reading »

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Progress Report: In the Bedroom

Heeyy, it is not that sort of post!  At the moment, we are working on getting our bedroom to look more grown up than what it was when we moved in.  I didn’t really take any before shots of the room (bad blogger), but the room was the same yellow as the rest of the … Continue reading »

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Closet Case

We are officially working on getting our bedroom to look somewhat like a person lives in there and one of my biggest complaints about the room is the closet.  Our house is a little over 1,400 square feet, so our bedroom does not have a grand master closet you see in these huge houses, just … Continue reading »

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Yep, my usual six month post about how busy work was and how I can barely function.  The sad part is the month is only half way over and I still have two more shows to go this month.  Yikes! So I leave you with my filler post of pictures that I took since Christmas….because … Continue reading »

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Project List for the House

Y’all knew there was going to be a project list for the new year, didnt you?  I couldn’t resist!  I am a lifelong list maker and that will never change. I look at the current state of our house and think we sure have come a long way.  It may not seem like it compared … Continue reading »

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