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Quick Laundry Room Project?

My poor home office is feeling neglected.  I promised to work on it next, but in reality, I am going to work on the laundry room.  This family is in DESPERATE need of storage.  Again, I am so bummed the builders went slack on storage and small custom touches in this house. But of all … Continue reading »

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Finally – A Dining Room that Matches

So about this space.  Yeah, umm, I think I mentioned here that I was going to start working on it AFTER I finished the living room ohhhh about a year ago.  I don’t know how this space got so neglected. Oh wait, yes I do.  I had a hard time deciding what I wanted to … Continue reading »

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Creating a Glam Office

I am on the down swing of shows on my calendar this year.  I.CANNOT.WAIT!  This year at work has been a doozey and I have a feeling the first half of next year is going to be the same. Next week when the show I just opened today closes, they are going to be tearing … Continue reading »

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Guest Room Makeovers on a Budget

Well fall is in full swing here and so is our dining room makeover.  Can I get a FINALLY!?!  I promised the dining room it was going to have it’s makeover ohhh about a year ago.  Instead I skipped over it and started another room.  I am hoping I will be done in the next … Continue reading »

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I took the plunge!

I have finally come through with one of my idea.  Yesterday I opened up my own Etsy shop.  I am pretty excited about it because it is one of the first ideas I have had that has actually truly come to life. The name of my shop is Southern Sign Shop.  Pretty easy and to … Continue reading »

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Before and After: Furniture Flip

Happy Labor day to my friends!  I hope you all have enjoyed your long weekend.  I had an amazing week and change off this last week and I wish it was not coming to an end.  I did have two pretty stressful moments occur when I decided to check on my work email, but other … Continue reading »

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Guest Room: The FINAL Reveal

I can finally say a room in this house is complete!  I am actually really proud of this room because it is a room I would never have envisioned myself doing.  I am pretty much a Safety Sally when it comes to paint and designs, so this room has been a challenge.  It is very … Continue reading »

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IKEA Hack: Wall Lights

Happy Friday!  I am dying for the weekend to start so I can get a few more things done around that house and recharge my batteries.  I want to start with a clean slate before I start working the Chore Chart next week. Exciting news for me….my guest room post was featured on Cutting Edge … Continue reading »

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The Plan….Stan

This weekend was so nice to have time to sit around and do nothing, but I need more of it.  I finally put in time off for the end of August, but SO.FAR.AWAY! I am clearly not one to focus on getting one room complete in my house at once, I have to roam from … Continue reading »

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Guest Room-The Not Final Reveal

I hemmed and hawed about showing you the progress I have been making in the guest room.  I wanted to show you the final product, but that is taking just way too long and I am pretty excited.  I still have a ways to go, but it has come pretty far from its beginnings. When … Continue reading »

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