Charleston and the Race

Weekends will never be long enough.  Mondays will always stink.  Let’s extend weekends to three days and include Monday into that.  Then maybe we would all love Monday again. Friday we headed out to one of my very favorite places in the country, Charleston, SC.  It is rich with history, color, and just feels all around good.  We left the… Read more →

Not ready

Hi All.  I feel like other than my addiction to Facebook and Instagram, social media has been quiet for me.  I guess I dont have much to say, or I am too tired to say it. This weekend we are traveling down to Charleston for the Cooper River Bridge Run 10k.  I know exactly what to expect which is nice,… Read more →

I am Racing again

Wait, before you get excited, it isn’t that cool.  I would love to be back to a place where I couldn’t get enough running or racing.  That place where I looked forward to doing half marathons.  Right now I am running and not serious running.  Let’s be honest, it is too cold for me to go out and run.  I… Read more →

3.5 REAL days left

Monday, Monday.  You wear me out.  I am pumped about this weekend.  I really cant express to you my excitement.  I am so excited I just KNOW the week is going ot creep by so very slowly.    This weekend is two things: Charleston and the Cooper River Bridge Run 10k.  I want to leave right now to get there! … Read more →

18 more days!!!

Yes I get THIS excited anytime I go to Charleston Heaven.  It is just that great of a place. I have a few more 6 mile runs to get in, but otherwise I think I am ready!  I looked at the elevation chart and it was unhelpful because once getting on the bridge it says we are going DOWNHILL.  I… Read more →